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What is the best way to get around Dubai?

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How best to get around Dubai on a short visit there? Is it necessary or recomended to rent a car - i've heard petrol is very cheap but how are the drivers and traffic? The Dubai beachfront stretches nearly 50km so its going to be key to get around withotu too much fuss or expense. Any advice appreciated.


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    A lot of people don't know about the new Dubai Metro system which opened in 2009. It goes from Jebel Ali all the way to the airport, then inland to All Rashidiya. Most of the malls are connected. There is a Gold class cabin, and special carriages for women and children, plus guards all over the place making it a super-safe way to get around.

    Other wise taxis are fairly cheap and certainly plentiful. Do not rent a car unless you want go further afield, to Sharjah or into the desert.
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