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New Years in Tokyo

edited December 2010 in - Japan
Hi Just wondering what the best thing to do in Tokyo if your going for New Years? what are the most popular festivals and clubs ect?


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    I know that this is an answer to an old post but I would still like to add a comment for anyone else who may be interested:
    If anyone is thinking of visiting Tokyo for New Year I would perhaps like to suggest that you don't bother. Unfortunately unless you have a specific reason to be there you may be disappointed. I've spent 2 New Year's in Tokyo in recent years and it's actually very quiet at that time. Most people (of course not "all" people) who live in Tokyo are actually from other places. New Year is a time spent with the family so Tokyo has a mass exodus before New Year for people returning home. Many normal nights in Tokyo are busy with people partying after work so of course at New Year there is no work so people are mainly safely at home. You will also find many shops etc closed for a few days, many of the bright lights that give Tokyo it's character are also switched off. It seems that most of the partying is actually done by other foreigners who are there so places like Roppongi are still busy all night. But all-in-all it's pretty low-key I'm afraid.
  • You're right, New Years in Japan is pretty chaotic. There is a lot going on - some people say New Years is the biggest holiday in Japan. 
    Especially avoid any sort of shrine or temple - those will be VERY crowded as people go and pay their respects during the first couple days of the New Year. 
  • If you go to Tokyo,Japan on the New years day.Its very luckiest for you because now a days the shopping plaza are in a sale mood.The prices of everything is low on the New Year.All are in a happy mood.Every where you have to enjoy.I like this place and wish to go on the New Year.

  • There is more open during New Year's these days than there used to be
    even a few years ago. Some bars will be open New Year's eve because
    people begin their first visit to a shrine of the year (hatsumode) at
    midnight, so they have a few drinks before and after.
  • how's the weather like in Tokyo at the end of June, beginning of July?
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