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fiji passport requirements

edited December 2010 in Visa and Passport
Hi, we are travelling to Fiji in Feburary and I have just been reading that you need at least 6 months on your passport! My question is if it is 10 days under 6 months is that enough or do we need to renew the passport before we travel?


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    I am in the exact same situation but we are leaving in 1 week. My daughters passport expires jsut 10 days shy of the 6 month requirement. help - do we really need to renew before we go??
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    I have emailed Fiji embassy and got no reply as i wanted it written on paper. I have spoken to a lady who travelled to Fiji in November and she had only the 3 months left on her passport and was allowed in so we are just going to hope for the best!! It just seems a waste of time to renew when its still vallid for another 5 and a half months and we wont be travelling after this for a while! Let me know how you get on! Where in Fiji are you heading to??
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