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Route 66 road trip - itinerary suggestions

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Hello. I am planning my honeymoon and we are thinking about doing the Route 66 road trip, which I think goes from Chicago to Los Angeles. America, other than Florida, is often overlooked as a holiday destination by Brits but I think it would be great to rent an convertible and get the full American experience driving the full route taking in the big cities, and sights such as the Grand Canyon, but I would also like to know about other good places to stop, which are maybe a bit more off the beaten track. If anyone has got some good suggestions, that would be great. Or perhaps you can suggest alternative road trips? Many thanks, Mathieu
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    I have rode a motorcycle and a car 3 times in a very small part of the route 66. The point is that most of the mother road does not exist anymore so it will be hard to follow the track. Most of the time you will be off the track on highways.
    The best preserved part is on Arizona, between Seligman and Williams, door to the Grand Canyon. I suggest you to look up close to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion Park. And as you are on the way, Yosemite park, Sequoia and other parks in California e Nevada area. Grand Canyon is a MUST SEE place. Spend some time there and do some hiking, mule back ride, etc...And spend an afternoon watching the sunset. Please be carefull with the time you get there. It really gets very hot during summer time in Arizona. In Texas, there is the Cadillac ranch and....??.....
    If you want to see the Bagdad Cafe in California, it does exist and step your foot on it but don't eat in there.... Listen to the music and pay attention to the lyrics.... It is just like that.There are some books about Great American Drives (on Amazon). There are many very nice road trips in the USA. Specially in the mid-west. A nice road trip is San Francisco to LA on Highway 1, the traditional rout LA-San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite Park, Grand Canyon, las Vegas and LA. Happy vacation
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    Some of the major cities along the route are St Louis Missouri and Flagstaff, Arizona, but my favourite was always at the very end of the road: San Bernadino. Unfortunately Route 66 is less shiny than it once was due to the advent of interstate highways. Many of the towns that were real gems along the way are all but gone.

    I do agree with sergio that the LA-San Francisco drive is a beautiful one if you take your time (check out Hearst Castle near San Simeon - most people don't know it but it's amazing).
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    I had a fantastic time riding route 66 with a buddy, we blogged it here -

    I would definitely recommend deviating from the route to take in some sights such as the Grand Canyon. Also recommend checking out a trip on the Santa Fe trail.

    Hope this post was in time for your trip...if not sure you had a wonderful time :)
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