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Do I need Malaria tablets for Egypt?

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Hello - I am planning on a trip to Egypt, hopefully taking in Cairo, Luxor and the Red Sea in April and I want to find out if I need to take malaria tablets for Egypt? Can anyone advise if I do? I have read the Word Travels guide to travel health in Egypt but it does not mention Malaria. I also want to know about eating the local food - is it okay to eat the food in Cairo - I assume the food in the hotels is safe, what about the street food? Thanks, L.


  • hello Lucille,No fatal diseases like Malaria are in Egypt. you don't need to take anti biotic against diseases when travel to Egypt.
    Concerning food, It is preferred to eat in the hotels or the touristy restaurants or others like KFC Or Mcdonalds,...etc
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    Hi there,

    There is a very limted risk of getting malaria in Egypt so I don't think it's necessary. Consult your local doctor to check which particular vaccinations they recommed for your trip, depending on which areas you're travelling to.

    Food wise, it's very easy for foreigners to get ill off the food, due to the different bacteria etc. The main thing is to make sure you don't drink the tap water and it's a good idea to take out any ice from drinks you're served in a restaurant. You may get ill from eating raw salad, so you may want to cut this out. I would advise taking with you some medecine in case you get ill - Imoduim is always a good one.

    Have a great trip!
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