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Hot spots in Puerto Rico?

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I am planning a trip to Puerto Rico..and I wanted to know where are all the hot spots and attractions? and how are the ladies down there?


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    Hot Spots in Puerto Rico, there are a lot. I would definitely reccomend going to Club Brava in El San Juan hotel. It is a very nice place, kind of a chick place but very nice. Also in the Condado Area, you will find lots of bars and clubs. Hotel La Concha has a pretty nice scenery. But personally I prefer the smaller Bars in the Condado Area. You could probably get off in Condado and just go Bar Hopping, there is a very nice place called Di Zucchero in condado, also there is a new place kind of with a vintage vibe called El Barbero that is a pretty nice place. A very local place but very nice is Pal Cielo. It is in the same street as El Barbero. Old San Juan is a very cool place with lots of bars and very cool people.

    The ladies in Puerto Rico are very nice. The good thing about Puerto Rico is that the women are all very different. All sizes, colors, froms. But in general the puertorican women are very beautiful
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    I was here in April. The Club Brava is awesome place. It will be better to go there first and decide what you are planning to do, because the clubs are small part. Take care

    Regards, Aaron
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    what are the coolest spots in Puerto Rico?
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