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Shipping things out of Saudi Arabia

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Departing Saudi Arabia on a business visa - how to get permission to ship things? We (husband, wife and two children) currently hold business visas in Saudi Arabia but we are leaving. We need to ship our goods out but are being told that we can't as we don't hold iqamas. Can we get the sponsoring company to give us permission to ship our things out, or is there another way? We need to get our things out of Saudi Arabia.


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    Hi Taylor,
    what type of stuff? how heavy?

    for me, when ever i want to ship something out i just go to any local shipping companies they never asked for ID's or permission. and if they are small packages i use Saudi Post

    hope this helps, and you can always contact me on [email protected] if you needed any help.

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    Hi Taylor,
    Have a look at the Shipping and Removals section of the Expat Arrivals Website. They offer hand tips and may even list some companies that can help with shipping from Saudi.
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    hi you can go to any agency in riyadh there are many agent nd you can call him
    to collect yr shpnt door to door or call cal saudi air lines 2221665 Saudi air lines have many destination flow en to many cites
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