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Spanish schools in Buenos Aires.. Ideas?

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Want to go to Argentina to learn Spanish. Can anyone let me know of any good experiences they've had?


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    No school has a one week course, however if you go to Recoleta and go to the visitor's center (tourist information booth in recoleta park) they can tell you places where you can practice your spanish, some youth centers, some pubs or some libraries or museums where they have special events for tourists to practise their spanish.
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    Hi, I would recommend El Pasaje Spanish; it's a small school, with really cool teachers and tailor made classes. I studied there and not only I found great teachers, but also I made very good friends (students, teachers and owners, who were all young and really fun to be around). You can take one week classes there if you want! They have individual and group intensive courses.
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    My experience in Buenos Aires was great. I admit half of my enthusiasm goes to the school and the other half to experience of exploring the city.

    The person who assisted me at, the Spanish school I used, asked many questions about what I wanted. When she heard about my interest in the social scene, both her and one of the instructors steered me away from home stay and suggested the residence halls. They thought I would have more fun meeting Argentine students. They were right.

    The classes I took Monday through Friday were fantastic, but those afternoons and weekends with University students going to cafes, stores, movies, parties, and other places were fantastic. The instructors taught me Spanish effectively, but just as importantly, they became friends who suggested places to visit and foods to try.

    It was a great all around experience.
  • I love hearing about your experience in buenos aries.  we plan to travel there in the winter of 2015 and we are looking for a rental property for that time.  anyone know anybody who rents properties???

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