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Fly fishing in Canada

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My client is traveling to Montreal on the 3rd of November, and he’s wanting to do a fly-fishing package, from the 12 – 15th November, for the 4 days.

His wife is attending a conference, and while she is at the conference in Montreal, he would like to do fishing, however he’s been told that the fishing season ends the end of September.

It’s only for 1 adult, and he can either drive / fly in package, and doesn’t mind doing river / lake / ice, or all three. He has advise me that a guide would be helpful with regards to his surroundings. He also wouldn’t mind driving up to Quebec and staying over at a resort that would offer his requirements.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    I assume that by fly fishing you are referring to trout, the season does close in September throughout most of the province. Some parts of New York and Ontario (3 hours drive) have a salmon run, the fish come in from the great lakes to spawn and die, not sure if they are still around that late in the season, I know the run on the NY side of the St Lawrence has already started. As the water doesn't ice over until late in December, all I can suggest is taking out a musky guide, November is the time to get the biggest / fattest ones. They are extremely exciting to catch, and the waters around Montreal have a good population, some nearing 60 lbs. They are usually caught by trolling 10-12 inch lures. Let me know if he's interested, I have a couple friends that specialize in musky guiding.
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    'm not sure how he got his information that the season closes here in Montreal at the end of September, but that's not correct. Outside of the island of Montreal, it may apply, but on the St-Lawrence and surrounding lakes nearby, it remains open much later. I usually fish right up to ice over and that takes me right till the end of November and sometimes into December some years. I have had many a fly fisherman over the years, but mainly take out people that fish with spinning & baitcasting tackle. Although it's not impossible, it may be a little tougher to catch on a fly rod when the conditions get into near freeze. I primarily fish a series of lakes & the St-Lawrence River at that time of year and primarily target smallmouth bass. As the water temps drop in the fall, so do the depths that the fish occupy making it easier to fish with jigs and lures that dive. For a fly fisherman, it may require a little more effort to get the fly to the preferred depths. I sometimes encounter a good shallow bite late in November & that would be just perfect for his style of fishing.
    Presently, I have availability during the time frame that you are inquiring about and would be happy to show him just what we have to offer if he is interested. Feel free to contact me again with any and all questions regarding this and I will help you out in any way that I can. For a more detailed report of who I am and exactly what I do, you can view my Website.
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    What other fishing can do apart from Salmon? Are there any good fighting fish to catch within a few hours of Vancouver, in the summer months?
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