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Cyprus - questions for our holiday

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Me and my Partner are going abroad for the first time in May to Ayia Napa in Cyprus. We are staying at the Hotel Nestor. We are going to a wedding on Nissi Beach while there and i was wondering, does anyone know how far that is?? What is the transport like in Cyprus - is it reasonable prices?

Also we are staying Half board, i was wondering has anyone got advice on how much money we should take out there? we would be planning to go out there but i dont drink much etc?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


  • I went to a wedding in Ayia Napa a few years back, can't answer your question about the beach, not too sure but as far as transport goes its very good, you'll notice a lot of cars beeping their horns as you walk up and down the streets, that's how the taxis get business, a lot of people on scooters as well, pretty reasonable prices to hire but Cyprus is expensive (and especially Ayai Napa) - how old are you and how long are you going for and what country are you from? Alcohol is probably around London prices, maybe a bit more, depending on the exchange rate...
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    We are just going for 7 days, im 24!! Im in Wales. Yeah i guess it just depends on the Euro now. We just dunno how much money to take with us!!
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    Nissi Beach is about two miles west of your hotel. Buses runs regularly along the Main Road to nearby resorts.
    Buses are cheap,and taxis are readily available and not too expensive.
    I would say that the cost of living, due to the poor performance of the GBP pound, is much the same in Cyprus now to living in the UK so eating out and drinks are roughly the same as UK.
    Depending on how much you intend to do and see of the Island car hire might be a good option. Otherwise there will be local agents who can arrange day trips for you.
    Have a great time.
    Best wishes
  • between five and seven hundred between you should be more than enough if you're full board and don't drink much. Club's might be expensive tho! There's a few great water parks, if you fancy something different and a bit more thrilling than lying on the beach or by the pool, they can be a lot of fun if there's a crowd of you!
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