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Skiing in Romania

edited December 2010 in - Eastern Europe
I want more information about skiing in Romania. It's Winter and holiday time so it's the perfect time to go skiing. I prefer places that aren't packed wit tourists. What is Romania like as a ski destination? Can I rent equipment at the resorts, what will it cost? Is Romania a cheap place to go skiing? I've heard great things about Romania and Eastern Europe, where else can I go in Romania - what are some of the other tourist sights and attractions in the country?


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    If you are interested in less crowded ski slopes, you may try Ranca in Parang Mountains.
    I recommend you take this trip next winter, when the new olympic dimensions ski slope on the Papusa Mountain Top will be functional.
    You can research more online about Ranca and Parang Mountains and you will be astonished about its beauty.
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