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Flying US to Mexico, proof of onward journey required?

edited December 2010 in North America
I'm a British passport holder travelling to USA in January, and then flying on to Mexico City 2 weeks later. I plan to travel by land from Mexico to Central America... is this possible without any proof of onward travel? I've heard that there shouldn't be any problem in Mexico but getting the flight from the US could be tricky. Or does this not count if I have a British passport?


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    Hi Funkel,

    If I understand your question correctly, you're flying to the United States and then booking a flight to Mexico once you're there?
    According to most travel agents and official government sources you do need an onward ticket. Sometimes a confirmed hotel booking in the country you're travelling to is enough. Perhaps give the US Embassy in London a call just to confirm things from an official source. You can find their number on the Word Travels United States Guide Contacts Page.
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