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Is Senegal expensive?

edited December 2010 in - West Africa
How expensive is it to travel around Senegal? I'm trying to find a realistic guide to costs of travel in Senegal. Also where are the best tourist sights in Senegal and what are some popular things to do in Senegal? The same goes for Dakar. Are there lots of places to shop in Dakar, what are the markets like and what are the best tourist attractions in Dakar?


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    Becafully,in Dakar ,you can find many scammer and also gold digger women i found one in the internet she told me that she is inocent woman ,that lives in refugee camp of Senegal ,the grocery very expensive ,the water with bacteries and passing hungry so she needs some money that puts back soon but every thing was a lie .she took the money some thousand dollar that never give back i have evidency every thing ,she name is Mary Hassany ,25 years old she has a scammer network ,she work with lawyer and reverend. i have a picture who need i will send it.Thomas
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    Dear Guest
    Kindly send the picture because it will helpful for is my email: [email protected]
    thanks and regards
    Mohammad shamas
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    Hi Rory,
    If you want a guide to take you round Senegal and such please contact me and I can arrange an honest and reliable one for you from our resort guides, we are based on Jinack Island which is part Senegalese part Gambian, you can use us as a base to travel to Senegal if you want. Email me and let me know what you are after and where you are thinking of going, I can recommend and arrange several Senegal trips that you might not have heard of.
    My email is [email protected]
    look forward to hearing from you.
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