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Holidaying in the Philippines

edited December 2010 in Far East Asia
I have an Irish Passport and indefinite Residence visa in New Zealand as well as a returning visa to new Zealand , I live and work in New Zealand .what Kind of issues should I be looking out for when Planning a holiday (two weeks ) in the Philippines .
looking for a sort of a prep list .
Thank you
Any help would be good .
Mike .


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    Hi Mikey.
    Only 2 weeks? so much to see, so little time.
    Visa, you get at the airport on arrival is good for 21 days FREE !
    4 Trekking, try out mountain province in northern Luzon aslo has fairly close, moderate surfing on the coast.
    Transport buy a/c coach is very cheap nationwide.
    Budget accomodation in most towns for 10 to 15 american dollars a night.
    Many cheap, `fast-food` outlets and kiosks selling local stuff as well.
    Cigarettes and alchohol very cheap if you use local brands.English spoken widely, especially the younger people and in all the shops.
    Unless you go in the rainy season, mosquitoes ect not a problem,also no jabs really neccessary unless you go to the southern islands, which are`nt really safe for travellers, due to rebel activity, although the main cities are ok. Davao, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Bohol, Palawan.
    Palawan by the way is very nice for touring with very attractive scenary, mountains and beaches, especially in the North-east(El Nido area). Long ferry trip from Manila, but can fly if you have the money about $200 return I think.
    Cebu air is the best local airline, so check out their web-site, they aften have promotions on.
    Best wishes
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