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Senegal: bus fares in west africa

edited December 2010 in - West Africa
What is the cost of a bus from Kayes to Dakar?


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    i need to find out too :/
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    The Best way to find out these kind of things is to go to, it's a website by travellers for travellers, then you look for the Dakar Cs Group and you post your question there, I have seen quite a lot of people ask for bus fares there! For more info about senegal check
  • I want to go to Senegal for three days trip, what are the various formalities are required to do in India and Senegal. Regards
  • @9662901367 I gather you are an Indian national looking to enter Senegal? Citizens of India require passports valid for at least three months from arrival date in Senegal, but you should be able to stay without a visa for up to 90 days.
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