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changing pounds or other foreign currency in to Baht?

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I am going to Thailand in the new year for the first time and want to find out about changing pounds or other foreign currency into baht. What is the best option - should I change currency at the airport, or will I get a better rate in Bangkok? Should I take travellers cheques or cash, or simply my credit card - do the ATMs take Mastercard or Visa, and is the rate better this way? Thank You! JD


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    Hi. have a look at my advice on getting the best currency exchange. I am not certain about the deal in Bangkok / Thailand, but in general you should take enough cash to last a bit and it is best to change in advance rather than at the airport (you will get the best rate for changing pounds into Baht or other foreign currency). Using your card in ATMs is a good option, you will get whacked with fee but at least you dont need to carry lots of cash and ATMs are available all over Bangkok
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    Your best option is to exchange foreign currency cash in Bangkok for Thai Baht. You will receive a better exchange rate in Thailand than overseas. Several small money changers will also give better rates still than the Thai banks.
    ATMs take Mastercard and Visa, but the exchange rate is poor and there is an additional charge for withdrawals in local currency in Thailand, so these are best kept as a back-up only.
    Security is another issue altogether, with travellers cheques and credit cards being less enticing than cash.
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