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Bahrain visa QUERY

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My husband has been offered a job in bahrain. company will issue his resident visa as well as mine. I need to know if i can also look for job and work in bahrain acquiring that kind of visa?


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    Hi znb,
    for great advice about all things expat in Bahrain have a look at our sister website Expat Arrivals. The site provides expat insight compiled by expats already based in the country. The Bahrain guide may have the answers you'\re after, particularly the work permits section.
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    I am Iranian national resident in UAE on a work permit. I booked myself to travel to Bahrain for a two visit but was sent back from the airport saying i need a visa before travelling. I have been travelling and each time visa was given on arrival. Is this a new procedure. I lost my ticket as a no-show as it was non refundable. please advise as i can not get hold on Bahrain embassy nor consulate in UAE.
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    i have only passport number, how can i check my visa status with out having my application number
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    hello friends

    can anyone plz tell me How can i check the status of my application for Work visa by having only Passport Number?

    It would be a beneficence if you do the requested favor
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