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Getting a visa to Australia with USA

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I am a Jamaican. I live in Fort Worth Texas. Where in Forth Worth can I go to obtain an Australian visa? I have a Jamaican passport.


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    There is an Australian Consulate in Houston:

    4623 Feagan St
    Houston, TX 77007
    (713) 782-6009
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    For all those wanting to know which passport holders are eligible for an ETA Australian Visa, as opposed to a paper visa, I've put together a list of eligible countries for Australian Visas. If your country is not on the list, such as Jamaica, then you will need to follow DavidF's advice and talk to an Australian Consulate as you'll likely need to file paperwork and obtain an actual paper visa. Otherwise, an ETA electronic visa is all you need. (And it's heaps cheaper!) Hope this helps Zoegirl! Safe travels.
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    We are US citizens and reside in Dallas, Texas. We are taking a trip to Sydney, Australia and will be in Sydney from November, 25, 2011 until December, 5, 2011. Will we need a Visa and how do we get one?

    Thinks in advance,

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    Hi Bob,
    So you can obtain a visa through the immigration office of Australia or online through a specialist such as my company. I'll let you be the judge on what's best, but it's typically cheaper to use an online specialist. Just so you know, it will take about 1 day (at most) and is completely electronic. You do not require a traditional paper visa when traveling to Australia, as their system is electronically processed and stored. Here is a full list of other countries that are eligible for an electronic Australian Visa.
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