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My passport expired

edited December 2010 in Visa and Passport
My Passport Expired on !0/2010. I didn't think I would be traveling so soon so I didn't pay attention. Now I have an opportunity to go to Israel and if I renew tomorrow it will only be 3 months time on this new passport. Can I bring my old one with me? There will be a two months lapse. Will they let me in? Can I get a visa too?
Please advise.


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    Are you asking if you can travel on an expired passport? You won't even get on the plane - Israeli immigraiton starts at the departure airport.
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    David, my passport expires in December and i have booked vaca to Dominican Republic for June the same year. I am US resident (have a green card) and my passport is European (Bulgarian). I checked with US Consulate and they told me there will be no problem entering the US back but they dont know for sure if I will be allow to enter the DR. Seems like you know a lot so can u pls give me answer to this question!? Thx a lot buddy
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    @A.Stoichkov - the official requirements for you are as follows: Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid on arrival. [No mention of 6 moths validity rule] Nationals of Bulgaria can obtain a Tourist Card on arrival, for a max. stay of 30 days. Fee: USD10. My opinion is that you will be ok. Note however that I am not an official or an expert, merely have read quite a bit of publicaly available info over the years.

    I assume you have contacted your nearest DR embassy in the US: ?
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