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ID in Quito

I am off to Quito next week and have read different things about ID which you must have with you when out and about, some say you must carry your passport, others say you should carry a copy of your passport and then others say you must carry a copy of your passport which has been signed by the passport country's embassy.

Has anyone been there who can shed some light for me?



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    I lived in Quito in 2002/2003 for 12 months, and I can only comment on my experience from then (8 years ago). Being a young, blonde, blue-eyed American, I was obviously a foreigner, and I was never asked for documentation, or given a hard time about it. My Ecuadorian friends, however, were occasionally stopped by police late at night when we were out bar hopping and had to produce identification. On these occasions, they either ignored me completely, or were satisfied with "American student" and didn't really care whether I had paperwork or not. I will be going back for a short visit next month, and I am planning on carrying a copy of my passport. I would not suggest carrying any valuables on you when you are out and about in Quito. Unless locals tell you it's necessary to have your passport, I would suggest leaving it somewhere safe.
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