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Top ten attractions in Nicaragua?

edited December 2010 in - Central America
I'd like to know what the best tourist attractions are in Nicaragua? I know that there are some great volcanoes that you can hike up and that Lake Nicaragua is beautiful, but are there any really incredibly places that people would recommend? What are the best things to do in Nicaragua?


  • San Juan del Sur! --- surfing, diving, fishing, etc. Granada and its small islands.. Volcan CERRO NEGRO (you can do sandboarding here). Volcan Masaya (beautiful crater and caves).

    When are you planning to travel here? If you have any questions just post them here! .... and dont forget to try all the Gran Reserva rhum you can! :p
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    Thanks Latin_traveler.
    I'm busy doing research on Nicaragua and that is why I posted the question because I thought if it's on a forum then other people would also have access to the answers. I'd love to visit Nicaragua though - it looks like an amazing and beautiful country.
    I will look into San Juan Del Sur and the Gran Reserva.
    Thanks for your advice.
  • According to my information, Nicaragua is a country in Central America. My one friend visited this country a few months back and told me enough about it. Here I am going to share the names of the top attractions there. such as,
    Corn Islands
    Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve
    Masaya Volcano
    Islets of Granada
    Our Lady of Grace Cathedral, León
    Indio Maíz Biological Reserve
    Old Cathedral of Managua
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