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Air travel

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I am travelling to Brazil in July and I am a bit worried about air travel within the country as everytime I do a search on Brazil it brings up something negative and refers to the countries poor air traffic control system. Can you advise on this and also is it an option to travel from north to south via another mode of transport and is this safe?

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    Last year I visited Argentina and Brazil, when I visited a number of destinations in both countries such as Iguazu Falls, El Calafate, Buenos Aires, Rio and the Amazon. And I must say that their air service isn't very different from what we have back home. In Argentina the flights were always late and in Brazil they were more on time. It seems that they had a few problems about 3 or 4 years ago, but since then the situation improved greatly. One thing I must say air fares in South America are absurdly high. Therefore I strongly suggest you to look for a local travel operator. We used one based in Rio, Velocitas Travel,, which was able to get us decent discount airfares as well as good package deals in both countries.

    Lilian Heller
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    This situation about the air trafic control occurs when we had the accident between Gol Airlines 737-700 and A private jet with noth american pilots that didn´t use the transponder to advise the radar and not follow the correct instructions from the Brasilia base about the correct altitude. Brazil have the second most largest fleet in the world after USA . So if the system was not safety a lot of accidents usually happens and IS NOT THE CASE!
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