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Please advise: Visa to Morroco for EU countries

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I am Polish , living in uk from 7 years but having only polish passport. Do I need visa to visit Morroco for 2 weeks holidays?


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    EU residents do not require a visa. Just the usual formalities of filling in an entry certificate which should be given to you on the flight into Morocco. In the unlikely event that you are not given one on the flight, they are available in the arrivals suite of the airport. Passport control is painfully slow in Agadir so do be patient. Grab several cards before you leave the airport on arrival as you will also need to have one ready before you depart Morocco which you hand in to immigration before boarding the flight out.
    Have this filled out well in advance so you can speed up your departure rather than hang around in the airport filling this in.
    The card asks for details such as your place of residence (outside of Morocco), date of birth, passport issue details, occupation, when you intend to leave Morocco, where you are staying in Morocco.
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    I am a US resident, Do i need visas or any particular papers to visit marakech?
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    Sims - no visa is required for US passport holders - see our Morocco visa page for full details
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    I am a Canadian living in the UK, travelling to MoroccoFeb 26. Do I need a visa?
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    Debs - check out the link I posted above... Canadian passport holders do not need a visa.
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    Do holders of Mozambique passports require visas to enter Morocco, even in transit to another country?
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    hi im a filipino who is a student visa in UK, i wanna go for a holiday in morroco, do i need to have a visa to travel there?
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    hello friends
    i m INDIAN who is a student visa in UK, i wanna go for a holiday in morroco, do i need to have a visa to travel there?

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