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British overseas citizen - Malta visa?

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I am a British Overseas Citizen living in the UK with "right of readmission" - do I need a visa to go to Malta for 8 days or not? I am travelling (hopeflly!) on Friday, so quick answers would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks.


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    According to the Maltese Government site you do need a visa:

    the following categories of Nationalities are also required to be in possession of an entry visa:

    1. British Citizens who are not nationals of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the Purpose of community Law:
    * British Overseas Territories Citizens who do not have the right of abode in the United Kingdom

    · British Overseas Citizens

    · British Subjects who do not have the right of abode in the United Kingdom

    · British Protected Persons
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    You can apply for your visa at the Malta High Commission in London: +44 (0)20 7292 4800.
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    Hi David,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I have been searching the web for a long time and have found conflicting advice - some say I will need a visa, whereas others say I only need a visa if staying for longer than 90 days (e.g. How do I know which is true and which isn't? Also, do you know if I will be able to get a visa before Friday? Can I buy one on entrance to the country?

    I am further confused by the fact that my Aunt (who is also a British Overseas Citizen) travelled to Malta without a visa in 2004. Have the rules changed since then?

    Many Thanks/sorry for the excessive questions!
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    Hi - yes, I also found conflicting info, but would defer to the official government source I posted above - i/e you need the visa. Why not call the embassy and ask how long it takes - in all likelihood its a fast turn around. I would not risk turning up at the border without the visa. Let us know how you got on please!
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    Hi David,

    The embassy number either says it is busy or temporarily unavailable. They are open from 9.30-12.30, so maybe their phone is only available at those times as well. It says to discuss visas I have to call to make an appointment, but how can I do that when they are not picking up the phone?! I think I will turn up at the embassy 9.30am tomorrow morning, but even then, what if they don't see me without appointment? I'm so confused.

    Many thanks for all your help.
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    An additional point: France ( and Denmark ( have both signed the Schengen Agreement (as has Malta) and they say that I am able to travel to these countries visa-free for up to 3 months. Aren't the same rules applicable for the rest of the Schengen Area (including Malta?). If anyone could tell me if this is the case, I would be very grateful.

    I am considering being at the Maltese high commission when they open tomorrow, but even if I do need a visa - can I get one within 48 hours?

    Many Thanks
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    So do you have a Schengen visa already?
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    Hello, Im pilipina going to london on Dec. 17 then my bf want to take me with him going to malta on January 7, 2013.. I try to apply shengen visa here in philippines but they didnt affrove my visa cos they process the visa for 2 weeks.. is there possible i can apply shengen visa in London even im just a tourist in London from Philippines? thank u hope u can reply to my message asap..

    Have a nice day!!!!
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