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Blue Mountains in Jamaica

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I want to know some of the activities that tourists can do in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. I've heard that visitors can hike up the tallest peak - is it a strenuous hike and will I need a guide? Also how easy is it to tour the coffee plantations in the region? Any advice on other things to do in the blue mountains or attractions in that part of Jamaica?


  • Hi and thanks for your interest in the island and the Blue Mountains in particular. Jamaica is one of the most well known place names on the planet inspite of its small size. This so good reasons. Every inch of it is alive with the pulse of its rich heritage and scenic ladscape and exciting attractions. This is especially true of the Blue Mountains and eastern Jamaica. The first thing to be aware of is that Blue Mountains along with the adjoining John Crow Mounatins are managed conservation areas and together form the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. Its mist forested mountains peaks at 7,402 ft (2256m) and creates great opportunities for nature lovers such as:
    Nature and Wilderness hikes; in addition to the hike to the peak, there are several hikes of various degrees of difficulty. These are too numerous to list
    here but in most instances you will need a guide and transportation services to get from Kingston or other town centres up to the mountains. There are no really useful trail maps so a guide is advised.

    North and south of this National Park are many attractions, these include climbing various waterfalls, swimming in lagoons, Rafting on the Rio Grande, visiting with Jamaica's Maroons and sharing a bit of the rich culture preserved by their over 200 year old independence from the British. There are historic building and places throughout the more than 200,000 acre national park.

    There are several companies that offer organised tours which include Blue Mt. Peak Coffee Tours and bird Watching Trips.

    Reggae Music is everywhere and it keeps even the birds and bees dancing. Go goggling and see what you can find and stay in touch.
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    Hiking to Blue Mountain peak is great fun but somewhat strenuous! You can find my review and some photos of my hike to Blue Mountain peak here:
  • While the hike to Jamaica's highest point is a very popular one, it does qualify as a wilderness experience and should be treated as such. To minimize risk of injury or persons getting lost it is important to invest in professional and experienced guide service. The Hike to the peak properly interpreted and planned for is an enjoyable and great experience. The details of preparation; physical fitness, gear/clothing, Pace/Speed of travel and diet all are important considerations that go into making the hike a truly natural high. Planning your trip to the peak should begin 4-6 weeks before and should solicit the expertise of professional guide service to get the most out of the experience.
  • Blue mountains in jamaica are so wondeful. No doubt there are narrow and steep ways specially at jacob's ladder, so find a good instructor who can tell you about the safety measures and guide you properly.
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