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exit country fees at airport Guatemala City Guatemal

can these fees be paid by VISA Card as it refers to US DOLLARS
and while traveling i don't want to carry cash


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    I don't know the credit card policy for paying departure taxes in Guatemala, but in Costa Rica, they accepted VISA. But NOT American Express. Departure fees out of Guatemala are cheap anyway. Most taxes are reflected in the price of your air ticket. The equivalent of only about 3 dollars is assessed at the airport.
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    Yes, the exit tax is $3.00 or slightly higher in Quetzales. Using plastic is fine in turists areas and large commercial stores. If you are staying in smaller towns or out of the way places, plastic is not received well or at all. In some places where they take credit cards, they add a 10% to the price of whatever, in addition, the charge company charges you for use or at least currency exchange, that fee is a % of the total.
    ATM machines are available in most large towns and you get a good exchange rate for your dollar. So you can travel with a bit of cash and get more at the next town or city. There is a charge for the use of the card by your bank, find out how much.

    Never pay with dollars, unless you absolutely have to, at any business, they will give you the worst exchange rate you can imagine. Exchange you dollars at banks, their rate is very good, must shop around for best rate since each bank might be a bit different, rather than on the street or at stores.
    My cash I carry in different amounts in different pockets, more than 2.

    Hope this helps, is not to scare you, not at all, is to make you aware, wise and for you to have a good time, which I wish you the best.
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