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Exchanging SGD in singapoe for INR is cheaper??

edited December 2010 in India and Asia

I need to exchange some Singapoe Dollars (SGD) to Indian Rupee (INR).

My Question is if i exchange within singapore for INR is it cheaper or if when i go back to India is it best to sell SGD their for INR.

I need general trend/advise which way would be benifit for me??


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    The present value of singapore dollar is 35 rupees. Now you can compare it from your country.
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    Again, my concern was not about the conversion rate!!

    I wanted to know if it would be beneficial if i sell the currency of a foreign country while i am still in the same country before returning to my home country or it would be better to wait till i return, and sell then.??

    I had an advice that we should sell the foreign currency with in the same country to get a better exchange rate.. Is that correct??
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    View and compare Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rates here ...
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    Best do it in Singapore, you're right
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    Well I used Travelex India for the conversion related to singapore dollar and rupee.It is easy , reliable and provide the most accurate rates for foreign currency exchange
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