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Things to do in Slovenia

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What are some of the things to do in Slovenia? I'd like to know more about tourist attractions in Slovenia. Are most of the things to do focussed around the capital city, Ljubljana? Or are there many things to do scattered throughout the country. Can anyone recommend a good list of places to visit in Slovenia? Also, is it easy to get around the country and is it safe to travel in Slovenia?


  • Hello. Slovenija is a small and very beautiful country.
    I suggest you check with one of our two partners there:
    Potovanja Pisanec:
    Both highly serious and professional.
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    Hi, sally! Slovenia has many attractions.
    They vary from castles and nature parks to museums and karstic caves that you can visit. Also in 1-2 hours from the capital city Ljubljana lie Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea. You can also visit some world famous caves, swim in the lakes, have a walk in the mountains, enjoy the spas, go rafting and much more.
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    I would recommend webpage and where you can find lots and lots of information on Slovenia and capital city Ljubljana. Although I am Slovene and might be not the best to judge, but Slovenia is very safe country. Most of Slovenes understand and speak English, elder ones German, too. Public transportation is not the best in the world, but if you have in mind that Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in EU (betwen Portorož at the seaside and Murska Sobota near Hungry is only 298 km...) that shouldn't be the problem. It safe to hitch-hike, too... ;)
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