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Multi entry visa to France

edited January 2011 in Europe
I am a Sri lankan Doctor working in the UK and planning to visit my unclein Paris on several Occassions, & then to Switzerland as well on my leave, during the next 12 months. It would be much easier if I could get a Multientry Visa to France as its going to be my first destination. Please advise me on the process and the documents I need for the purpose.


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    Hey as France is your first port of entry you will have to apply for a french visa, if you do wish to have a 12 month visa you can request it, but will be at the discretion of the embassy. You will be able to go to Switzerland with a french schgene visa as switzerland is part of the schegene agreement. i asked for 6 moth and they gave it to me however i have had a few schengene visa hence they decided to give me a longer one. I got Avisas to do my application they seem to have the best one to one service speak to them there really helpful,

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