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Flying in with supply of 220ml food supplement drinks for medical condition.

edited January 2011 in - Southern Africa
I soon hope to spend 4 weeks holidays in South Africa staying with step-relatives. I am suffering from dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) following intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy and require to take 6 x 220ml bottles of supplement drinks per day to sustain me. I would appreciate any information/advice regarding how I may fly in with 6 trays each with 30 sealed food supplement bottles. I would plan to use either South African Airways or KLM airlines to fly in from UK. Thanks for any relevant experience/information you can offer. Regards, Gordon.


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    Hi Gordon, maybe what you need to do is contact both the airline you'll be booking your flight with and your doctor. Get a doctor's letter and then approach the airline and see what they can arrange for you...they may ask you to hand in the drink supplements a few days before or something like that so that they can check them. You may also want to contact the airport you'll be flying from and ask to speak to security and see if they can offer you any advice.
    Good luck.
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