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My father was born in Italy, what sort of entitlements do I have for traveling/living in Italy?

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My father was born in Calabria in 1956, and moved to Australia around 1960. I was born in Australia. If I want to live temorarily in Italy, or at least travel for an extended time (>90 days) in Italy as well as other European countries would I need a VISA or am I automatically granted access based on my heritage?


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    Have a look at the visa section of the Italian consulate in Canberra's website here. It does say that there are sometimes long waiting lists, maybe just give them a call and ask them if your Italian ancestry allows you to qualify for an ancestral visa or even a passport because your father is Italian by birth. The Wordtravels Italy Guide might give you some ideas about places to visit on your trip to Italy. And, take a look at the Expat Arrivals guide for Italy as it might give you some ideas about jobs, housing, immigration laws, taxes and all the other things you'll need to know when going over to Italy for more than the usual amount of time.
  • You also should qualify for dual citizenship if you would like to. Italy is making an effort to increase its population by allowing easy access to citizenship for descendants. I would look into that option if you aren't making more than 70,000 a year. Over 70,000 and you must pay taxes in both of your countries of citizenship. Or at least that is the set up between the U.S. and Italy.
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