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Two week Spain itinerary

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I need suggestions for a two week holiday in Spain. Please suggest ideas for a two week Spain itinerary. I can book the time in Spain for any time during the year - when is it best to go to Spain? I'll have two weeks in the country, should I stay in one place or travel around? Where would people recommend? What are the best cities in Spain to travel to to get the best mix of Spanish culture, Spanish nightlife and Spanish cuisine?


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    I would suggest you to include Madrid, Sevilla, Granda, Valencia and Barcelona in your two weeks trip. Personally I like Barcelona a lot. It has everything to attract visitors like colorful nightlife, rich culture, architecture, beaches, day excursions and good food.
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    WE are planning a two week family vacation with 3 families and 5 children (ages 3-14). There is so much to see in Spain and we are hoping to get to Barcelona, Cordoba, Gibraltar, Granada, Tangiers (over night?) and a bit of beach time as well. We are considering self-catering. Do you think all of this is feasible?
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    I am going to Barcelona on 1st February for four days; any suggestions on what clothing I should pack please?
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