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Restaurants in Barcelona

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I'd like to know about restaurants in Barcelona. What are good places to eat. I don't want to break the bank but I can afford to splash out a bit too. I'd really like to know more about eating out in Barcelona and where to go to get a real taste of Spain. I don't want to eat at a restaurant that is going to serve me the same food I can get in America or Britain, I want authentic Spanish cuisine. Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in Barcelona where I can taste the real Spain?


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    I really Recommend this place, It has the most amazing swedish food at a great price!
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    Hi Sarah, check out this restaurant guide to Barcelona, it's got a good overview of the restaurant scene, and details for some of Barcelona's top restaurants.
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    It's a pleasure to recommend to you our house, Restaurant El Molinet, very close to Barcelona, in the 30 Ronda Litoral (B-10) exit. Tipical spanish cooking at affordable prices. Eat inside a windmill!.

    Check our web

    Thank you very much! See you soon!
  • For really good tapas Bambarol (Carrer Santalo 21) is amazing! But then, great tapas bars are delightfully common in Barcelona...
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    I recommend that link In this you find best restaurants.
  • If you want an up to date guide of the best restaurants in Barcelona you can find them at
  • Hello!!! I found this web page, it has diferent articles on what to eat in Barcelona, tapas, paella...

    I also found an interesting article on Catalonia's typical dishes if it's any use to you. Check it out
  • Hi, if you want to taste the best iberican ham in Barcelona, you have to go to Reserva Iberica.

    I really recomended that place, the staff are lovely and the food is delicious. Is not only a shop to buy ham, also you can eat there. And iberican ham, is the typical food in spain! you have to taste it! 

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