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How to carry money in Cuba

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What's the best way to spend money in Cuba? Can I use my travelex prepaid card? what about credit cards? I don't really want to carry cash.


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    no, you cant use your Travelex prepaid card in Cuba im afraid. This is because Cuba wont accept anything American, and the cards are either visa or mastercard. they wont accept travellers cheques either for the same reason. if you try to exchange dollars to pesos you will be charged something ridiculous like 20% commission !!!!
    you have to exchange £££ while you are there to peso, but be careful because the unscrupulous folk out there know you will have cash on you xxx
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    As i thought Jay, but thanks for your reply. 6 days to go!!!can't
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    "... This is because Cuba wont accept anything American, and the cards are either Visa or Mastercard. They wont accept travellers cheques either for the same reason..."

    That is ALL incorrect info. Many non-US affiliated Visa and Mastercards are accepted and American Express Traveller's Cheques are fine too.

    Tommo: Have a read through this:

    Have fun.

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    Unfortunately the lack of cooperation tends to come more from the US side. American express cards are not generally accepted worldwide, so that is not limited to Cuba.

    I'm not sure where you're from tommo, but travellers cheques and credit cards from other countries are fine, and you can change US dollars, but will be charged a 10% fee since it's more difficult for the exchange bureau.

    There's more information on this Cuban money guide.

    Enjoy your trip!
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    Of all the many times we have been to Cuba, we have never had a problem with Master Card or Visa. We were there two years ago and at that time they would NOT accept an American based card.

    We found i t very safe. Just don't act like an arrogant foreigner and try to speak a little Spanish
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    I am going to Cuba in 3 weeks from the UK can I use a Post Office travel money card with British pounds on. If so can it be used any where in Cuba
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    Anna, read my link above. It explains almost everything you need to know about Money Exchange and as you'll see the Post Office Card is no problems.

    That said, you should NEVER depend on just one source of money in a developing country - especially one with a horrible telecommunications infrastructure like Cuba. Cash is king.

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