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Money scams from Nigeria: beware!

edited February 2009 in Africa
I have a friend I met online and he is in Lagos, Nigeria working. He does not have a credit card with him and only brought a certain amount of cash with him as he brought the rest in Traveler's Cheques from USA. He was asked to leave the hotel he was staying at because he could not pay the bill. He has told me he can't cash his traveler's checks. Where can he go to do this? I sent him to the American Express office in Maku Plaza, but they were only able to help people going out of the country and it wasn't a real American Express he told me.
I am worried about his safety and his abilty to work and live there without being able to cash his checks...please help.


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    i am also in this position with someone i met on careful and do not send money..i am sure this is a scam...
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    How do you know it is a scam.? The person I am chatting with seems to be bright articulate and knows places in the Denver area that only one from this area would know about. How do I find out if he is a scammer? I can't and won't send any that is not a worry. It' s my emotional well being I am concerned about now...I dont' want to waste my time if he is a scammer. How can I find out definitetively?
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    Worried - travelers cheques can be cashed at any bank, not just the American Express office. Please post some of his correspondence here so we can see what he's saying. Another option is to go to his emabssy and arrange for a plane ticket from them. They can make a plan if he is geniunely without any other options.
    Massive chance that this is scam though - i've heard of this stuff before.
    Remember that thanks to Wikipedia etc anyone can become an expert on Denver, as you mention, within a few minutes.
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    I met someone from internet, and after 2 or 3 weeks chating throught the dating side we get feeling for one another and after that we talk on msn and our feeling became stronger, at least for me it is ! And he wrote me a romantic mails and he said he can't live without me anymore. And he work in abuja for an project and when he finish his project he would love to come to me and live with me here in holland and he said that he would have a lot of money from his project. But then he told me that he get robbed and shot and he has to stay in hospital , then he told me that he doesn't have money to leave the hospital cause all his money is robbed. So i did send money and 1 month later he told me that he was sad cause his son can go to school cause he can pay the school , so again i send money to him for his son cause i do care for childeren and now he told me that he can finish his project cause he doesn't have the money to finish it and he need 35000 euro and if he can finish his project he can't come to me so when i asked him how i can help him, he asked me if i can loan money from my bank, but now i don't know what to do cause its about a lot of money and since i read about the 419 scam in nigeria i get confuse now , cause somehow i do believe him cause he has a son and he is going to the church so i thought thats okay. And i am so in love with him now so i still keep thinking what to do.
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    I too have been emailing my special guy since Dec.08, and have been falling for him..he started to tell me that he couldn't cash his Traveler's checks there. They are not accepted there. He asked for money. I didn't give him any...mostly cause I don't have any to give and all my friends said to be careful. So I haven't sent any money. We still communicate. He is in Lagos on a project that will bring huge $ when it 's through. He has put me off many times when I ask him when he is coming back to the US. He was removed from his hotel because he said he couldn't pay his hotel bill. Asked for money....didn't give him any. He is living at his work site since Jan. 1st. so he tells me. He needs to finish the job he went there to do. I have done research to help him find a way to cash his Traveler's checks there...and sent him the name and number of the Consulates who could help him. I have nto heard from him for a week. I chatted with him a few min. ago and he tells me he is sick with Malaria and has been in the hospital for 5 days now. I don't know what to believe. I want to believe he is real and he really cares for me...but not sure...I will only be sure when I meet him face to face. As far as what I know, I know that he is playing on our emotions and I would recommend that you not send him any more money. YOu see, I have sent nothing and my guy still chats with's a nice diversion...but real??? I am not I said....only when I meet him in person...will I really know.
    Good luck and be strong!
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    Wow! I can't believe what I am reading!! I also have met a man on that says he is working in Lagos,Nigeria on a building project! He sent numerous romantic letters,calls me on the phone,sent me roses and tells me how he loves me etc... We talk on IM all the time too. He said he ran out of cash and has no credit card with him. Said he has money orders and can't cash them there! After talking to him for over a month he convinced me to send him $100 so he could send me the money orders to cash for him here in the US and then wire him the money.Well of course I never received the money orders! He ripped me off for $100, but I did get phone calls and flowers out of him! He still stays in touch even though I told him I will send no more money! I don't understand what he thinks he is going to get out of all this! He won't get another penny out of me!! I wanted to report him to,but he cancelled his membership! He hurt my heart even though we have never met! These men really seem to have a scam going playing with womans hearts! It is very sad and I know their karma will come back and kick them in the butt someday!!! So PLEASE be careful with your heart!!! Don't let them suck you into their LIES!!!
    Beware of these men!!!!
    Broken Hearted!!!
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    Hi Broken Hearted,
    Is your guy an interior designer on a project? Is he from Brazil?? Did he ask you for money to get his Passport and Computer out of the Hotel he was staying with until he couldn't pay for it cause they don't take USPS Money orders?? Now my guy, Ron, is in the hospital with malaria and needs $ of course to pay the hospital bill. I have given NO money at all...yes, he knows I can't and he too still contacts me....and each stime eh he tells me I have his heart....and he still asks for money...but I have nothing to give him....weird....would like to think he'll come back to Denver and be a REAL person....but I htink the chances are pretty slim.
    Stay more gifts..
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    Dear Worried,
    The man I have been talking to since 1-2-09 says he was born here in NC and his parents both were killed in a car accident when he was 5 years old and his aunt took him to Brazil and raised him.He said he now lives here in Stoneville,North Carolina, but is a builder/contractor and is building a shopping complex in Lagos,Nigeria.He said he does all his work abroad. I did a search on him in Stoneville and there is no such person that lives there. I'm not sure if he lives in Brazil or Africa? Like everyone else on here he sent me numerous very articulate romantic letters for about a month and then we started talking on Yahoo IM. I sent him numerous emails which he never answered and most likely never read! He would only talk to me on IM for the past month or so and now I have not heard from him in about 2 weeks and don't expect to! I started asking him a lot of personal questions and he stopped contacting me. These men seem to be very persistent about getting money out of us and will stay in touch until they do I guess. I can't believe I have such deep feelings for a man I've never met! My son showed me a site online where you can get all the romantic letters you want and I truly believe this is what they must be doing! He spoke beautifully in his letters, but I noticed that his english was very broken when speaking on IM.I also read online that these men are using pictures of models,actors etc... and putting them on there profiles online. They are probably some little ugly black Africans that need money and are using the personals sites to break womans hearts!! This is all to much of a coincidence for this to be happening to so many woman!! Time is healing my heart, but it is so difficult when you just want to meet a nice guy and fall head over heels for these lying men that just steal your heart and emotions and then rip you off and never hear from them again! This has all taught me a huge lesson, but now I am afraid I will never trust any man online! I guess the key is "If it sounds to good to be true,it probably is"!! Also I will never let myself get so involved with someone I have not met!!! I wrote and reported him,but since he deleted his profile there is probably nothing they can do! He goes by the name of Kevin Johnson, but I'm sure they change their names with each victim they go after! Ladies Please be careful and don't let this happen to you!! It really is hurtful!! I just hope and pray that they get caught someday and hurt as badly as they have hurt us!! They can't go through life hurting people and expect to ever have a good life or a real relationship with a woman! I really hope they pay for this and go to jail for the rest of their life or hurt in some way as badly as they have hurt us!Stay stong ladies and guard you Heart from these men!! THEY ARE NOT REALLY WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!!
    Broken Hearted in NC!!
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    OMG... I cannot believe what i am reading. i just "happened" to google how i can send this man his computer, which he THINKS is arriving at my job tomorrow. It is ALL THE SAME, LADIES. He is an aeronautical engineer (this time) and has a contract in Lagos, Nigeria. He got "malaria" the first week he was there, and asked me to send him money. He EVEN PUT THE DOCTOR ON THE PHONE (yea right). I did not send money. We are all talking about the same it Dave Scott? And we have all been in contact with him at around the same time, 1st week of January. He then said that his computer broke and it was beyond repair. He needed it for his job. Once again, asking for $500.00. I did not send. And since his "cell phone" doesn't work in Nigeria (liar), my phone bill is over $500.00. He begged me to buy a webcam, oh god, what an idiot i am. So, next he worked out a scam to have a new computer sent to my job tomorrow, and wants me to ship it to him with some cash. If I never went on this site, I would still be in love with this horrible person!!! Everytime I asked personal questions he would shut me down...via Yahoo, IM. Supposedly, his blackberry works. I feel so stupid.

    I need to thank all of you for writing on this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sincerly, Stupid Idiot.
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    I am currently IM with someone i met on who tells me he is from Australia, has a 17-year old son and is an antiques dealer. He says he is currently in Lagos, Nigeria buying antiques. He tells me that he lives in Lancaster, SC.
    He has not said one word about money or needed money. The red flag is his occasional strange English. At other times it's perfect. Has anyone had experience with this person. He says he is widowed and has been in the US for 6 years and that he is a US citizen.
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    He sounds like all the rest. Please do not give him any personal information, especially where you live. Do not give him your phone number. Has he already told you he has feelings for you? If so, RUN.

    All the stories are similar. These guys are either Project Managers in Construction, Antique Dealers, Gold and Diamond Dealers or work for the UN. And soon enough he will tell you he has Malaria and cannot pay for the medicine. And play on your heartstrings, that if he doesn't have the medicine he will die. Do not fall for this. Because it gets worse, and these guys are really good at what they do.

    I met four different ones on That site is NOW CLOSED...hmmmm...I wonder why. And made the mistake of giving them my phone number. I now have a $500.00 phone bill. Because I was stupid enough to fall for one of them. Lucky for me, I never gave him money.

    And the photo of him and his son are not real. He stole them and posted it as him. How do I know this? Because I figured this guy out and confronted him. I was so outraged and insulted him so much, that he called himself "THE MASTER SCAMMER", and I have IN WRITING, that he will never get caught because everything about him is fake. Name, address, cell phone number, photos etc.

    Do not walk away from this guy...RUN.
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    I am also talking with a gentleman from Lagos, Nigeria. He has never asked me for any money. I met him on Tagged page. I am sorry to hear what happen to you ladies. have anyone every been to Lagos, Nigeria? Have they asked you to visit with them? I think you should still report him to
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    I really didnt think there were so many gullable people in the world.
    all of these folks are scammers, they rely on people being easily taken in, they persist even after you stop sending money because they beleive you will eventuall begin to send cash again, " after all he must be genuine because he still contacts me after I stopped sending money"
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    wow I just found your site WOW, I met this wonderful sweet too good to be true guy who also couldnt cash his travellers cheques (lovely poem)... Had to leave his hotel cause he had to pay daily (lovely poem) He was buying Krugerrands to sell in the states and they have changed legislation and he has to pay more (lovely poem) now he needs money to sort that out and whoops he got robbed (lovely poem). Whoops he got salmonela and couldnt pay hospital bills (lovely poem) and now he has burst appendix and cant pay for the operation... No point in calling the American embassy they are too busy.. and I just need a couple of hundred to pay for the care I have already had..... sad sad sad phone call listening to the pain and distress....oops AM I SYNICAL
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    Dear Too good to be true....
    I am still amazed at all the people posing to be real on these dating sites . Only to find out they are needing money for one thing or another. Marlaria, hotels that won't cash their USPS money orders, dr. bills for kids, it's amazing to me...that we can fall for it. I jsut received an email from someone on a Christian site: Love and seek and he is asking for money too...what I believe is: if he sounds too good to be true, then he is...not real. Anyway, anyone asking a stranger for money, would you want to be in a relationship with them. ??? How come they don't ask their family or friends??? WHy you?? YOu have got to ask yourself that>?? Don't send any information to them. No bank accounts, no addresses, no telephone #'s..nothing. Report them to the site you found them on. Remember they are different than a purse snatcher...on the street. Stay away.
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    PEOPLE!!! PLEASE!!!! Nigeria is one of the largest areas for running scams like the ones your are talking about. Look at all of your messages, they are ALL the same. He loves me, he has no money, he's in the hospital, he was shot, he was robbed, he can't cash his checks, he wants to be with me. BLAH, BLAH!!! PLEASE eliminate any contact with these people, it is a scam they want your money and nothing else, and if you send it to them, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to get it back. It is gone!!
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    Same... just met a guy called Eric on, a widow, two dogs and starting a business. Cancelled his subscription pretty soon after we'd met, plenty of romantic poems etc etc, but fortunately for me I try not to let myself fall for guys I've never even met. I made the mistake of giving him my work address tho and now feel worried about that. He asked me if he could send travellers cheques to me to cash and then send the cash back to him... I'm sure just the beginnings of the scam.
    I'm just posting this so it can help warn other women to realise when they are being scammed. It all sounded too good to be true and it was...always trust your intuitions...just the smallest thing is usually right!
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    Guess what?? I am an American man. I am emailing a young lady who is trying to do THE SAME THINGS!! She is really good! She "did her homework", and knows what to say, how to formulate life details that it would be difficult to not believe, includes some details with high levels of credibility, etc, etc. She claims to be living with her grandmother in Nigeria. It was AMAZINGLY REALISTIC AND CONVINCING, as she had photos of herself when younger with her parents, and her grandmother, all in the same photos, same places, same clothing, and now even sends NEW photos of herself and her grandmother from Nigeria. She really exists, her "grandmother" really exists, she really is in Nigeria, and I would bet that a whole bunch of other stuff she has said is true, but she is now only using her true past life story as a highly convincing and effective way to get what she wants (money). She almost "got me"!! If you get that tiny little "gut feeling", or "sense" that something "just doesn't quite fit", or just "isn't quite right", CHECK IT OUT!! If he or she always stops just shy of accepting or dealing with anything other than cash, or lots of personal information, BE SUSPICIOUS!!! This young lady is still communicating with me. She is really very patient and persistent, but I can never get her to let me do anything for her that doesn't require some exchange of money in some way, shape, or form. She even gave me the name of her travel agent, so that I could pay HIM directly for her visa, and arrangements. I cannot confirm his existence, his company, ANYTHING!! I'm quite sure they are scammers in cahoots with each other. How frustrating!! She is really very attractive, sounds very sweet, and she "REALLY LIKES ME". Well, guess what?? She hasn't gotten a penny yet. And when she finally figures out that she never will, sooner or later, she'll get tired and give up. How much do you wanna bet??!!
    BE CAREFUL LADIES!!! (and GENTS!!!).
    BE WISE!!
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    Well, mine is Robert Hollman...and he's in Ibadan, Nigeria...i met him on plenty of fish...he deleted his account because he found what he was looking! He is widowed and has a son in Canada going to college...this one asked me to send him 5000 because he only has credit cards and they don't accept them in Nigeria! He's an IT and is working on a three week contract..."WHATEVER" Originally he lives in Alabama...I confirmed his phone number and he did travel to Nigeria...also confirmed his phone number...but PLEASE...5000!!!
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    Just got a letter from a "friend" that we have known for years. Over the years however, we came to know him as a real sly fellow. We haven't had contact for maybe a year, when I received the following letter on Monday (6 April 2009) :

    How's work on your end? This has had to come in a hurry and it has left me in a devastating state. I am in some terrible situation and I'm really going to need your urgent help. Unannounced, I came to visit a new Researchers' Complex in Lagos, Nigeria following up on some official tours in West Africa before heading for a Workshop schedule laer. Well we actually got robbed in the Hotel I booked in and they made away with my wallet (which included my cash, diaries and credit cards). My cellphones were not brought along since I did not get to roam them before coming over. The phone cables have been burnt including internet connection cables and the Hotel's database has been compromised as well. So all I an do now is pay cash and get out of here quickly. I do not want to make a scene of this which is why I did not call the office or my house, this is embarassing enough and so keep this to yourself. Please I want you to lend me a sum of US$1830 just to clear my Hotel bills and get the next plane home. The Consulate only cleared me of my travelling documents and ticketing since I came in as a tourist and not on official purpose. I shall have your money reimbursed immediately on my return. I'll be waiting on you at the Hotel lobby for your mail.

    Looking forward to your response. Please keep things quiet for now as I left for the trip unofficially. Incase, Western Union is a quicker and safer option. Please send to the following details:

    Name: Which I will not repeat for now.
    Address: 101 Freeman Lane, Lagos Island.
    City: Lagos
    ZIP Code: 23401
    Country: Nigeria


    What do you say guys ... Is this a scam or what!!!!
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    They are out there in great number I think. I think anyone working in any part of Africa needs to be suspect. The most recent contact I had was with a man who claimed to be from the US and over in Ghana getting minerals and diamonds for his jewelry store. He sent me this email about how he dreamed of me and how poetic it was. I googled the lines and sure enough it wasn't his own words, but words from some author. I asked him if he wrote those himself. He said he did and the words were from the bottom of his heart. Well, a lie is a lie. He lied. End of discussion for me and any further communication. I don't want a liar in my life or a cheat..he then told me he was a man of integrity and would not do such a thing to me. Yeah , right. I deleted him from my mail.
    All I can say, is if he puts the romance up full throttle and tell syou how much he loves you and you're the suspicious....most "REAL" men go slowly, I think. JUst don't send any money or give out any vital info. THese people are evil and very good at what they do!!! SCAM!!!
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    I want to expose this guy!!! Pls understand that this is different as WE KNOW THIS GUY!!! His wife worked for me for around 2yrs and during that time my husband and I saw right through him.

    Where can I report him??? At this stage I enjoy my communication with him. I play along as to get enouch detail. Funny thing is that he also sent my husband the same msge (he is currently in SA) 2 days later, but in the one he claims to be robbed and in the other the hotel was burnt down. Daaaahhh! I was born in the night, but not last night brother!!!
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    No but really - if any of you have an idea of how to catch such a guy and to which authority he should be reported to, please let me know. Remember what I said ... my case is different as I actually know the guy.
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    I too have been corresponding with a gentleman in Lagos, Nigeria who says he is from Atlanta, GA and working on a bridge in Nigeria. He says his son is with him. He says his name is Kelvin Nelson and his son's name is Frank. Has anyone else had dealing with this man. We met through
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    Hi, I lived and worked in Nigeria for the UK government. Please, under no circumstances send any money to anybody in Nigeria no matter what the circumstances. You should not give any details of your bank account/credit cards etc. to anyone there. THIS IS A SCAM.
    Travellers' cheques are widely cashable in any Nigerian bank or in any Amex ofice.
    Foreigners in distress abroad should contact their Embassy for assistance.
    If the person you are comminicating with knows details of their claimed place of residence outside Nigeria eg USA/UK consider that they may well have visited that place or just think about how much information is available on line.
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    I am a Nigeria leaving in the UK. I somehow stumbled on this forum while googling something else. I can't for the love of Mike believe anyone can send money to strangers (people you have never met). The thriving business of scams is due to gullible people that pay all these scammers based on either their emotional feelings for them in whatever circumstances they might have claimed they are in, their own selfish interest of wanting to meet a rich guy online or just purely being stupid.

    Note that a scammer does not have to be in Nigeria to swindle you. What most of you on this forum have not realised is that I can be in Ghana/Cameroon/Togo/Republic of Benin (name it) and ask money to be sent to Nigeria for me to collect. Depending on the amount,it takes less than $150 to transport from one of these locations to Nigeria.So if you send me $200 upwards, I will still be able to get to Nigeria to cash the money.

    Don't get me wrong. Some Nigerians are scammers but I have also seen/met foreigners that are scammers her in Scotland. For example, a friend bought a brand new blackberry from a guy at his house address and after a month of sale, the seller (a white guy) reported the phone stolen, claimed insurance and got another new phone. Three months after sale, the original phone was blacklisted. the police are still investigated this. So you see, scammers have many faces and come in different forms. JUST WALK AWAY. If it is too good to be true, then it is not true.

    The bottom line is that you should not under any circumstance (emotional feelings or not) send money to anywhere in the world to any stranger. The person scamming you might even ask you to send the money to his cousin in the UK or the bahamas. That also does not make it safe.

    If anyone anywhere anytime ask you for money, DON'T SEND IT. If you do, that will be the beginning of your nightmare. BEWARNED.

    P.S. The fact that I am a Nigerian has not immuned me from getting scam mails. I just delete them and never look back.
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    I met a man on about 2 weeks ago. Dont remember if I winked at him or he at me. Tall, handsome, well-dressed and God comes first in his life. Claimed he was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up and lived Capetwon, S. A. His 10 year old son, COLE, lives there with his mother who has 3 more years to stay there on a church project she's working with. He, ANDREW WILLIAMS (Dadwith1son aka [email protected]) claims to being in Capetown for past 2 weeks working on Cole's visa so he canc come back to the States with him. Writes and tells me everyday he goes to meet the visa agent and that things work differently in Africia than the States. Also tells me what a proud dad he is and how much he loves his son. I told him I was not interested at my age to start raising a child again. So he wrote and and made me feel guilty enough to respond with my own reasons that were personal. Anyway after a letter waiting for me each morning.. the last one got to the point on the day he tried to call me on the phone, but missed me. He left a message about how much he missed and that he'd been leaving me messages and I'm not returning them. He left one message yesterfay, 4/10 and there are two things i can say.. #1, HE IS NOT CAUCASIN, #2, HE CALLED WITH A PRIVACY BLOCKED NUMBER so even tho he told me to call him back (which I did actually try) I couoldn't grt through to him. Probably very lucky for him.I am going to try to paste the last email here from yesterday andthat is the one that i reported and then wrote and told him he better disappear... when i checked the site.. Dadwith1son (andrew Williams) in no longer a member:
    letter to follow:
    Have been in africa for 3weeks now working on cole visa i dont live here in africa i live in Santa Clarita Los Angeles..You are ahead of africa sometimes i dont get much sleep and i get online to see if you have send me an email..Have been trying to call you but you never pick up your call and i leave you a voice..Im sure you will get it..You should try and give me a call back..I will be taking my son cole to fishing tomorrow still waiting on the agent helping me with his visa to call then i will know when we will be on our way to the state..Have been thinking if we can work together in making the payment for my son visa as soon as the agent call me that the visa is ready..Cos i will need your help..I made a misstake of coming to africa with a us money orders and the banks here in africa dont cash money orders they only cash cheak and that is why i think i will need your help as soon as the agent call..Are you working today..Pls try and give me a
    call back as soon as you get up from bed..Have a nice week end..
    Andrew Williams.
    -----------------------why are people so deceptive... and boy using religion as a backdrop really "sucks" in my christian opinion... this letter doesnt talk about his mother's work with god in cape town but all other letters did.. this was right down to the nitty gritty!
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    It seems that these people use anything to get the emotions flowing. GOD, kids, illness ( mine used and still is: Malaria), money orders not being able to be cashed, all things that make us feel sorry for the one who claims that we are "IT" in their world. Unfortunately, that's just a ruse to get us to send them money. They promise to pay us back the minute they come back and are reunited with us. YEah , right. What I have learned from internet dating sites is be cautious. Look at the pictures they are they look like ones from a 'REAL person...or a model? If they come on really strong in the first communications or so, be wary. MOst men who are searching for a LTR, take it slow....these scammers jump into LOVE and Passion right away...they want to speed up the process. So if they are telling you in their 2nd IM that you are the one for them...walk's not real...they create a false sense of romance...and then move in for the kill...want money.....that's all they want...just tell them you don't have any....and see if they continue to chat with you...hold fast to that and they will slip a snake in the grass.
    Keep strong and don't send any money or tell them any personal information.
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    Well done. You did well by telling this guy to disappear. I am African, not American but I know that all an American citizen needs in Africa is his/her blue passport to gain entrance to their consulate/embassy. You do not need an agent to process any visa or passport for your son/daughter or whoever.

    An agent or person claiming to be one will only come into visa/passport issues for people who are desperate to leave Africa. If your so called friend is legit, he needs no one to do the visa for him. So he is a SCAMMER.

    If you open your eyes and ears, you will be able to spot scammers with a 10mile pole though it is becoming more sophisticated now because jobless university graduates who speak and write impeccable English have now joined the bandwagon. So for those that rely on the type of english a scammer is writing/speaking, BEWARE.

    The issue about pictures being posted is an easy one to crack. Ask yourself this question. If people's email account, bank account etc can be hacked into, why won't a scammer hack into someone's account on any social network, steal and post such pictures as theirs.

    One way to know if it is the person is to ask such person to put on his/her webcam (I am sure you will be told it is broken or stolen). You might even be asked to buy one and send it over to them. Don't waste your time, just RUN! RUN!! RUN!!!.
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    I am talking with a girl by the Name of Keyshia Vivien. Thank goodness for this website because she just asked me to send her $100.00 so she can send me a money order she is unable to cash in Nigeria. I called around to my local bank and western union and found out it can definitely be cashed. that brought me to this site. My scammer found me on I am know going to play head games with her and have some fun with it. figure if I have time I might as well waste their time. My scammer is a antique dealer that is trying to get the $35,000.00 items out of customs and it is going to cost $550.00. I told her I was unable to send the $550.00 but would think about he $100.00. that is not going to happen. She is very sweet and looks good in the pictures she has sent. She did the same as the others and said she was getting off of because she found her true love in me. That was a good one. beware ladies and Gents. If anyone asks you to send money without meeting them don't do it. She even knows the local area here which made her even more conviencing. Good luck out there daters.
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    Born in the UK to Nigerian perants and after living most of my live in Europe, I moved to Lagos, Nigeria in 2000 and have been living there since.

    I empathize with all of you out there who are lonely and long for that special person in your life but regardless, you still need to apply reason.

    Why would you send money to someone you've never met? How many of you give that type of money to people you've known for years, let alone a total stranger in a far away continent?

    Love is not for sale. Even if you met someone in your own backyard, the minute the money requests start coming in, you need to run a mile.

    This is all so sad and depressing to see so many people express such desperation.

    For that temporary hope of happiness, you've allowed yourselves to be used and abused. You would be better off if the person loved you and left you after a few days then to find out that this person never existed.

    In the world we live in today, you have 60 year old men send emails to 15 year old girls claiming to be 25 or the men claiming to be 18. All because people adapt faith in the things they cannot see in hope of the things they can get - from the web!!!.

    Can you meet a genuine person from these places, particularly Nigeria - yes ofcourse you can, most definately. But just as you wouldn't give your purse to a the nice looking stranger you met in Macy's in NY, so also you shouldn't give your money to a stranger you met on the web - full stop.

    I AM NOT PLUGGING - I happen to run a site where we introduce people and one of Nour main functions is to vet the potential clients seriously. we check every bit of info they give us. If we find anyone asking for money - both the requestor and the giver gets deactivated. The point I am trying to make is - don't just log on to any site on the web and think that what you'll get is for real.

    I wish you all the best - please be wise.

    I hope you find what you are looking for.

    best wishes.
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    I have a "friend" (I'm a guy, she's a girl) from an online dating site in Australia who needs to get some antiques out of Nigeria as well, so ladies it isn't just men trying this one on (or is it), story sounds a bit like yours Trixter, will be doing much the same and leading them on, want to compare notes? One thing that distiurbs me a little is that I sent photos of me, so coupled with the information on my dating profile, it will be my identity that they will be using next time, and I'm hot (not to mention modest)

    Sorry for all of you that have sent money and been hurt, everyone be warned
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    have also been chatting with a guy that was on said just went off match and could I email him directly. very romantic,writng me poems, feels that we are meant to be, etc. Right before our supposed first meeting he canceled because he had to go to Lago nigeria to pitch a contract for computer work. Said he's there with his 17 year old daughter. Just tonight he starts to tell me about his travellers checks that he can't cash. Even after talking to him for several weeks, I became suspicious immediately. i am cutting off communication immediately, based on everything I've read here. sounds like the same guy.
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    hi i met a guy on myspace that over there told me a lot of what you guys are saying on here.told me that he loves me and all.i dont belive none of this.just to day he asked if i would get a credit card for him to put money on it and then he asked me to send him some money told me he got robed.he calls me every morning to make sure im up then he whats me to call him back on my phone.dont know why that is.then he told me that he cant get on line because the place hes at the inernet is i did something to see if hes lieing i made a name up on yahoo as a woman and he told me the same thing on that after i seen all this on here i ended it with him in a e mail thank god i did not send him nothing.thanks for posting this
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    Just today I was chatting with a Micheal [email protected] is his email address. He is supposedly a jeweler from . He is supposedly from Georgia , but originally from Italy.. He owns a jewelry store in Georgia and went to Ghana to buy jewels for his company. I haven't heard from him in a while and today he tells me that the gold manager took all of his money away. He told me it was..and I quote"90,0000,000.00usd"...weird way to write the money...anyway...he said and I quote, "I just wanna you to create a credit card account so that my traveler manager will send money thought it and you will take 10,0000,0000.00usd from it and send the rest okay" end quote.
    So, seemingly a nice man...54, jewelry owner...from Georgia ends up specifically not asking for money...but another way of getting $. I said no and he went off line.
    Word of caution to all : if it seems too good to be true, probably is a scam. Love takes time...when they rush in...using words like love, angel, sweetie, be extremely cautious. Most people take time gettting to know one another...these folks...time is $...and they want it quickly....BEWARE!!
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    I met someone on who is from Austin, TX who happens to be a civil engineer working in Nigeria for a few more weeks. He has a son with him named Jerry and his name is Charles Kelvin. His story is that he has money orders he can't cash which I don't believe and that he wants to have me open an account and have the company (credit union) he's working with transfer money to me so I can wire it to him as he can't access his account from there. HA! Of course I have told him it's not happening as I don't give out any information like that to ANYONE. He stops asking for a while and then brings it up again saying he'll get back here faster if I help and that I must not love him if I won't assist him. He doesn't want my money, just my time. He says he doesn't trust his friends when I suggest they help him and that he only trusts me (whom he's never met of course) Wow. Your stories sound so familiar. I just got flowers yesterday. Hmm. There are lots of lovely poems etc. too. The one time I try online dating. That was a mistake for sure. He was pretty upset today as I kept telling him I won't help him even if money is not involved and just my time because I won't give him my bank account info. I happen to have worked in Accounts Re. in a telecom. company and met a few deadbeats so -to- speak and worked with the DA in New York to catch one or two and let him know a while back that I was not one to mess around with on this kind of thing just in case. Good luck to you all too. Very Frustrated
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    Just be glad that you are smart enough not to fall for their con work. They are nothing but low lifes trying to earn money using what ever means they can.
    The man I met , who prompted me to write the first comment on here, still contacts me...the stories are I just laugh...we went from money orders that couldn't be cashed to the hotel taking his travel documents to him landing in the hospital with Malaria and can't pay his hotel bill. NOw he is is still on his death bed and in and out of the hospital. Anything to get our feelings of empathy and sympathy going to get our credit card #'s..account #'s...oh, he wanted me to open a Bank Of America acccount way!!! As you spend more time on internet dating , you will start to see a pattern of these creeps...there are nice men out there....just don';t be too eager.
    Take care and be wise.
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    I met someone on singles363 he was also on his name is Carl Nelson and supposedly has a son Simon 14 years of age, his wife was killed on her way back from the bank. Last Tuesday he said he was going to Nigeria, as his visa had come through, but he has said nothing of this before, in the weeks we had chatted. He supposedly left last Thursday. On Friday he e mailed me asking to send him £1500 to hire equipment for the job he was doing, as the equipment he had shipped had been lost, funny all this in 24 hours. He gave me the name of his hotel, room number, and hotel address but there is no hotel of that name in Lagos, or a Carpark Road. I them found this site and realise that I have nearly fallen prey to a scam. He asked me to send him the £1500 made out to the receiver Wale Thompson, 103 Carpark Road, Surulere. Lagos, Nigeria 23401. I have recently become a widow, and was somewhat taken in by the love letters etc., and at one point nearly believed him. He also uses Christianity in his letters. This is not the first of these scams I have come across but with the other two it did not get as far as them asking for money, but they were two difference men, Marvin Jones Williams, and Merve Williams, they both used the same story, that their wives had died in child birth, they both claimed to hold duel americal and british passports, and their families were dead and they had been brough up by grandparents. So beware, I would like to expose these people on the front page of a national newspaper, they are despicable. I hope that like me you one day find someone to trust.
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    Hi Worried, Thanks for the comments and to all of you others out there be careful. This guy Charles Kelvin from Austin has tried to get me to open an account at Chase bank so he can have his vendor send me money that I can wire to him. Not happening and I have told him many times, but he is persistent for sure and so apologetic every time he thinks he upsets me. Wow, it is funny to read his responses after while. He was really upset yesterday because I told him "no" AGAIN. So, today he's all "I'm sorry....". Please, he has no clue. He's about to get the "go talk to the embassy or consulate" speech from me which will be the end of our conversations I am sure.
    They just don't get it. He claims to be a civil engineer. He claims he'll be back in TX in May, but it could take longer since I don't want to "assist " him which also means I don't care for him....Oyy! I hope you all are ok and please be mindful of who you speak with. I sure have learned my lesson. It makes me angry though because I finally decided to try this online stuff and it backfired unfortunately. Hopefully there is a truly honest person out there somewhere. Take care everyone. Frustrated
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