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Money scams from Nigeria: beware!



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    He said his name was... kELVIN jAMES kOLSTAD from Duluth Minnesota.He said in Nigeria buying Krugerrand.. cant cash his travellers cheques... needs money to pay new shipping regs to ship them back to the States. etc etc. Met him on OK Cupid known as cute_james... Be warned a wonderful smooth scammer..
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    Today I did some detective work of my own and called the flower shop where the lovely flowers came from on Friday that "Charles Kelvin" sent. Mind you he's in Nigeria, but the person sending them had the name of Branden and they came from Indiana. So that's a new twist in this mess. "Charles" has no clue that I know this information and that I searched to see if he even exists which of course he doesn't. He has tried to contact me today, but I didn't answer him so we'll see what happens. How have any of you ended these "relationships"? Do you just stop all communication without warning or what? I fortunately have not given any money or banking information to this guy so am glad of that. The most I am out currently is phone bill money. Take care. Frustrated
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    hi all,the man i was talking to asked me for money now.i told him i did not have it.said he only had 25.00 on i said so what do you want me to do.he said send him money.i said ya right never.i told him i found his name on a site.he said it was not him hes for real.i did not here from him to day at phone calls emails nothing.i guss he give up.just to let everyone know his name is james willimas and his email is [email protected] he was on my space but hes gone now.i told myspace about him.and thay took him off.take care all
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    OMG... i cann't believe what i am reading ,i met him on he said he loves me,i loved him also because he sent me very lovely e-mails ,he is now in Lagos since 4 weeks ,he asked me to send him money i did send him already
    $ 6500,every time for diferent reason,and i didn't see him yet face to face ,few day ago asked me again to send him money again,now i am reading all these storys on this side,i dont know is my boyfriend is an scammer or real, how can i know that for sure please help me.
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    Hi there - wish I saw this site first I've been had, so I'm a MUG, by the same guy as someone above today 27/04/2009
    - quote above his name is Eric Capello supposed to be based in Isle of Man I have 2 mobile numbers for him one for when he was in Isle of Man and one when he went abroad to work.

    "Same... just met a guy called Eric on, a widow, two dogs and starting a business. Cancelled his subscription pretty soon after we'd met, plenty of romantic poems etc etc, but fortunately for me I try not to let myself fall for guys I've never even met. I made the mistake of giving him my work address tho and now feel worried about that. He asked me if he could send travellers cheques to me to cash and then send the cash back to him... I'm sure just the beginnings of the scam.
    I'm just posting this so it can help warn other women to realise when they are being scammed. It all sounded too good to be true and it was...always trust your intuitions...just the smallest thing is usually right! "

    He got me I'm never usually get caught out but got caught unawares, all the above is exactly what I've just had - again I've given him my works address to post something - how do we stop this happening????
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    In reply to the above emails and the last one, I too have had emails from the Mr Eric Capell, same stories and poems. I also said I would try to help and went on google and couldnt believe it when I hit this. I have actually copied the messages from this to him to let him know that I am on to him, sorry for the people still sticking up for him! Thank god I did not send any money and did not give my home address which he asked for only today. I am actually thinking of contacting the Police regarding this because I live in the Isle of Man, have all the emails he has sent plus the one asking for money. How can someone be so nasty and horrible.
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    maybe we all should send to police but what is his real name and where is he based. The trouble with the internet. Glad you didn't send money. How many of the other entries on these pages are him or her come to that do we really know???
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    Dear Express! DO NOT SEND ANYMORE MONEY!!!! Do not fall for anyone you've never even met! I am the person who posted the original comment re: Eric Capello. These people are rife and desperate for money, they are very clever. I became suspicious from day 1, as his stories didn't quite come together. You've got to trust your intuition. I would stop any communication with him immediately.

    After worrying about giving my work address, nothing ever came of it, so got away unscathed! Maybe we should report this guy to and the police, they may have an e-mail address they can trace him through? But I don't hold out much hope I'm afraid! Also in my case in was based in East Sussex, so he must have been set up on there twice. I also think its a shame he knows about this site now, as it will help him to know how we suspected him and help him become more real to people in the future!
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    Dear all

    Just to let you know that even though Mr Capello has cancelled his subscription with I have still informed them. I have also spoken to the police regarding this and although there is nothing they can do, (Nigeria being one of the largest scam places in the world) he did suggest because I feel so strongly about this that I contact my local papers and see if they would run a story. As the Isle of Man is such a small place it wouldnt take long for people to be made aware of this. I am just so pleased I only spent about 50p on sending a txt to a non existent Capello!!!!
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    I have informed also. It seems he may be setting himself up in different areas of the country, who knows where he will strike next under that name. At least they can hopefully vet him if he tries again.
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    Hello every body over there,the man i met on his name is not Eric Capello,i cann't say much becaus i still have contact with him,maybe he is the same pearson with a defferent name, that why i want to ask you guys Guest 1,Mug3,and DC and every body there if you have informations to write me on my e-mail adress([email protected]), we can compare the information if it is from the same pearson.please help me i want my money back and i want him to get arrested that he cann't hurt anybody els any more, i wait for your respons.thanks all of you.
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    Maybe not everybody knows you can track where an email is coming from at .
    I had several times girls (I am a man) who asked for money. I did never send. But if it looked very well I offered to come and hand it personal. Mostly my beauty dissappeared. 4 times I booked a holliday for a week. 3 times I had a nice holliday, but no girlfriend. The last time I met somebody in Ghana. Completely different from what i expected. She even did not know about her advertising. Her brother was a scammer and i was in contact with him. He also sent his sister to my hotel, to cash. But.......we are together now already for 4 years. She did not look like the stars on the pictures, but it is a lovely and caring girl. Oh yeah, she cannot read, and cannot write.
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    I also was taken for a ride with Paul Edward, who also said he was working in the country on contracted,and he lived in the UK, he also chatted on line for a month, making all kinds of promises, and till he got money out of me, and then heared nothing from him, I hope who ever reads this and knows him, he lied, dishonest, a cheat, and I hope they arrest him at the airport and put him in jail, and I can get my money back. He says all the things like all the comments above,
    be careful
    I also met him on match .com
    I hope he goes to hell.
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    When someone you meet online asks for money...DON"T send anything. Don't give out your address, home phone # or anything. These people are scammers. ANy real person you meet won't ask for money...they will just want to get to know you. Key words to look for....Sweetie, Love, Honey, etc..if you are chatting with someone and they use these words...use caution. Tell them NO if they ask for anything. They don't care about you...they want your money...
    I still hear from Micheal Brown...smilewithbrown..and he has told me that he got my money...I sent him nothing...must be a cc'd others..don't fall for it.
    I know it's hard not to fall for a man/ woman who says kind things to you, but really if they just met you in person....what would be your gut level feeling if they were all sappy during coffee/ dinner..and hardly knew' d most likely say...ew...get away from takes quick fix there..although I know we'd like to have someone really feel that way about us...i't's NOT REAL....don't fall for it.
    Unfortunately, I don't know if you can ever get your money back...check with the police...
    Best advice I can give...delete them immediately from your no more contacts can be made...
    Good luck and be strong and SMART!!!!!!!!
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    I'm ashamed...I can't believe I fell in love with someone who may be potentially be a scammer. How can I have let this happen? Just when I felt I was so strong, I finally let someone into my life and they crushed my heart again. After two marriages, I finally broke down and tried and I thought I found my soul mate.

    My man is going by Melvin Cole. I hope and pray that he is not a true scammer but after reading these comments ...I truely fear he is. Everything is very similar to the other stories. We met on and have been talking for two months now. He claims to have a son and has been married once. He says his wife died in a car accident when his son was eleven. Mel says he is in Republic of Benin for a work project with cocoa. He should be finishing the project soon and be coming back to the states to meet me and live happliy ever after. He says his current residence is SC. He immediately removed his profile after we met within a couple of days.

    This week he has asked me for $3000.00 because his son was hit by a car when he was playing football. He needs a operation right away and If I don't help him he will never be able to walk again. He claims that he has traveler checks and money orders but can't cash them because of the poor economy over there right now. I'm so glad I didn't send money because I was skeptical. Plus, I didn't have the extra funds anyway. Now he says he got the money from a hotel manager for the operation but needs to pay him back before they leave the hotel. Now he is asking if I could help him pay back the hotel as I get the extra money by my biweekly paychecks. ???? This doesn't sound right??? does it???? I think I have been scammed like the rest of you....Yikes! I'm ashamed of myself and how did I let this happen?
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    Don't listen re the Hotel Manager it was the Hotel Manager he asked me to make the cash out to and it was a girl's name. So must be in partnership. Check out the message that gives a site to check where an e-mail comes from. My first came from London and thereafter they all came from Nigeria.

    I paid to learn my lesson but learnt I have.
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    hey everyone i met a woman two weeks ago on we started talking and she says that she loves me. she says she is from the uk and that she is on her way back ther should i beleave her i have sent her money already to help her to get back to the uk i do have feelings for her very strong ones am i wrong in this or am i being fooled i need to know
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    Worried One,
    First of all don't send any more money. You only have known her for 2 weeks? Does she not know anyone else? Only you to turn to?? What adult do you know, when you first meet them asks you for money? No one I know. Also, the way I look at it is, if they need money this early on in the relationship that's a sign of what's to come....asking for more money.
    Just don't send any more money....or you will not get it back. It sounds like a scam to me.
    Good luck.
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    I'm FULLY HEART BROKEN...I can't believe I fell TOTALLY in love with someone who may potentially be a scammer. How can I have let this happen? Just when I felt I was so strong, I finally let someone into my life and they crushed my heart again. After one marriage, I finally broke down and tried and I thought I found my soul mate in the name of WILLIAMS GELATI from Birmingham, England with the nickname DAMSELARA

    My man as i said is going by WILLIAMS GELATI. I hope and pray that he is not a true scammer but after reading these comments ...I truly fear he is. Everything is very similar to the other stories. We met on and have been talking for two months now. He claims to work on a month contract in the refurbishment of a farm plant in Lagos. He should be finishing the project soon and be coming back to Spain to meet me and live happily ever after. He says his current residence is in Birmingham. He immediately removed his profile after we met within a couple of days.

    This week he has asked me for $1050.00 because he had a car accident on the way to the airport last 30th April the night he was flying back home toSpain to reunite with me. I already helped him before in finishing the project with $2600. He needs now medicines and a operation right away and If I don't help him he will die. He claims that he has not money left as being robbed while waiting for rescue team and police. Plus, I didn't hve the extra funds anyway. He says he got no money and need to pay back the hospital treatment before he leaves the hospital. Now he is asking if I could help him pay for all this and for the return ticket???? This doesn't sound right??? does it???? I think I have been scammed like the rest of you....Yes! I'm very heart broken and dont know how did I let this happen to me?
    His email address is: [email protected] and [email protected]
    His telephone number:+2348034716426
    The doctor telephone number:+2348029667665
    Anyone of you got caught with similar details?
    l hope we can find them and get what they merely deserve because im totally broken.
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    Sorry to say I doubt there is anywhere to report these people the Police won't take any notice as we willing gave money. Not sure what country you are from but in UK there is a site crime stoppers an independant agency that might look into it any your identity is annonomous.

    I am like you I fell for a scammer when normally I'd have my guard up and not be taken in - we aren't fools just kind hearts wh would help others out but their stories are so unbelievable when you take time to read but in the initial situation when it all kicks off it is your feelings that take over and not your head - nothing to be a shamed off just it is a costly lesson we've had to learn but learn we will.

    sorry can't be of much more help.

    By the way the telephone number is similar to the one I received and they all seem to work on windows live ie

    Might be the samy guy but I think it is a team they all sit in a room and take turns to chat it's their job - there was a documentary on TV about it a dozen guys sitting in a chat room scamming lonely hearts - not nice at all eh
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    Thanks Mug 3 for cheering me up and for feeling being accompanied for the same reasons. lm feeling so broken down as i fell so in love with the guy of the photo they put up for me in first place, im so hurt and i feel like that the person from the photo probably is been played too and all i think of is if i could find him to find out. By the way im spanish from Madrid, Spain.
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    Dear Totally Broken

    Don't let the b*stards get you down. I can sympathise with you totally. I was contacted by a person via 'Are You Interested' on Facebook. He was a dish and to be honest couldn't think why someone so gorgeous was interested in me. He went down the lovey dovey route within an hour of chatting wanting to come visit etc. He was an Architect with a son working on a project in Nigeria, his wife died of cancer. I broke ties with him as he was too full on for me to start and made me nervous/uncomfortable. He too I think is a scammer his pictures were too polished - probably models and nothing rang true what he said.

    Then I joined a few weeks later from advice of a friend and started to chat and I only let my guard down as I thought that was why guys went off me. All the signs were there if I opened my eyes/ears. More fool me the time I needed to keep guard up. Should have judge him the same as the guy from 'Are You Interested' but was at a low point so vulnerable - never again

    Try not to be too broken hearted it's not worth it. The right person will come along when you least expect it and they will appreciate you for who you are not what you are/have and certainly they wouldn't ask for money.

    Madrid how lovely always thought of having a city break there those who have say it is very nice. I travel to visit a friend South of Spain regularly.

    Good luck with any future relationships and keep that guard up well until they prove themselves. Don't settle for anything less than you are worthy off ;o)

    take care
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    Again here l am Mug3, just wanted to tell you THANKS LOTS again for your response. It was very conforting receiving news from you. I wish the best for you and hope you have luck in dating someone honest for 'real'. I never believed in Internet because I dont like anything ' VIRTUAL' and you can see l fell directly into one despite never seen the person but in pictures which l always found so unconfortable because again all was based virtually and l dont understand yet how feelings come out so strong. l really hope l have learnt from this but still l learnt that the same way they played with our feelings virtually they just played as well with our feelings in real life and this is what really makes me sad.
    Warm regards and hope you come to visit Madrid
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    think i got this too...he calls him self craig, says he's from nigeria to see mom who was in hospital, got sick was stuck there now mom passed away....he keeps asking me for money i told him "no" then i contacted the US embassy in nigeria, and i told him this: they will get u home if you really need to get home, you are a US citizen they won't leave you in nigeria" i gave him all the contact numbers and now he doesn't email/talk to me anymore....he obviously figured out i'm not stupid :) remember, if tis the most desparate story ever....its not ones life comes crashing down like that....if you had money to get to nigeria, u got money to get home
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    l did exactly the same, l called the consular services when needed medical attention with the same answers, helped me finding out that they were surely scammers, so l told him they will help and get home if really needed, as been an uk citizen, gave him all the contact numbers but still even though he figures out we´re not stupids, some still will tell you not all are the same, they got problems and cannot tell, they are still there telling you is all about TRUST between you two, you get stuck under psychological pressure, making you feeling guilty, they are still after your feelings and emotional weakness waiting for the minimum opportunity...
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    Add Raymond Bakker to the list of all of you, I should have known he was too good to be real. This guy claims to live near Greensboro, NC and says he's from the Netherlands. I found him on about a month ago. Just as we connected by email, he said he was leaving for a 2-3 week trip to Africa to buy gems and artifacts for his jewelry business. We chatted and emailed for about 3 weeks before he asked for my help just a few minutes ago. Allegedly, his return to NC has been delayed while his purchases clear through Customs. Now, his elderly mother (who still lives in Rotterdam) is ill and hospitalized and he needs to go visit her, then return to Lagos Nigeria to ship his purchases, and then fly out for NC. BUT...since his trip has taken longer than he planned, he is out of money and needs my help to purchase a plane ticket to the Netherlands. He says he already has his ticket to the US and can't reroute it. And that he cannot use a credit card in Nigeria to purchase another ticket. Every suggestion I made (consulate, bank wiring money to the hotel, sending me his credit card number so that I can purchase the ticket for him, etc.) would not work for various reasons.

    I never thought I'd be glad that I don't have any money to spare, but thankfully, I was not tempted to help him because I truly do not have the money! As soon as I explained to him that the reason he is having trouble getting any help there with this situation is because there are so many scams coming out of Nigeria and that his sounds very similar to others I've seen on this site, he told me how sad it made him since he had been nothing but honest with me, and then he immediately went offline. Oh, well...I've learned a new lesson.
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    Dear Worried
    I think a member of my family is being scammed by the same guy as you from what you have said and what she has told me about him. (Same name, profession, and location) I can not get her to see the truth. What can I do? I am so worried about her. She has fallen for him hook line and sinker. She has sent him money one time and is getting ready to do it again.
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    Dear Worried

    Show her this site and if she can't see she is being scammed / taken for a ride then more fool her. You can't make folks stop sending money etc but hopefully reading all these notes she will come to her senses. There is nothing much else you can do other than to be there for her when she does realise nothing will come of her 'romance' other than becoming broke. It's a hard one but only she can sort out.
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    There's a great probablity that some of these things can be true but not all.....People get into situations like this for real. Some of these comments above have helped in combating the romance scam while it has also ended some real ones as well..I think people should come up with proves as well to indicate that these people are scammers.These scammers takes what happens in reality and use it as a scam technique. People have had problems like this but at the end they made it true...We have to be cautious but at the same time we ought to know when we are making a mistake and when we are doing the right thing...One can also use this as a set up as well due to difference, race and color..I'm a wittness. Wicked people can go extra mile to hurt someone..I love this site and at the same time i hate it when it does the the wrong thing to relationships. Thank You
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    I wrote yesterday about a family member that I am very sure is being scammed by a guy named Ron. I sent her to this site and she is now mad at ME instead of the scammer. She is very dear to us but I guess it will be worth it if it wakes her up and sees this guy for what he is. We have been trying to introduce her to a very nice man who lives here locally but she does not seem to be interested in meeting him, because she has been so totally blown over by the scum bag on the internet. I guess all we can do is continue to support and love her and hope she knows that we are here for her.
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    Dear What to do

    You did the right thing - take it from one that was scammed and saw the light. She is mad at you because she is probably taking her frustration/hurt etc out on you. I felt totally ashamed couldn't tell anyone in case I got the lecture etc etc but once I finally told a few close friends it eased the hurt / the feeling of being stupid/made a fool of. I can usually see a scam a mile away but being in a low vulnerable place at the time let my guard down. I felt more ashamed of what I did, your friend may feel the same. I didn't lash out at friends I took it out on something else.

    Hang in there for her and don't give up on her - you are a good friend/family member
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    Dear what to do?
    First of all go easy on yourself. You did the right thing. YOu might want to show her this site and let her read some of my entries about Ron. It may work, it may not. I know I could not even think he was scamming me..I was so totally enamoured by him and his charm. His story became questionable when the hotel took his computer and travel documents. I tried to get him to go to the American Embassy there in Lagos...he had an answer for everything I suggested. He only wanted me to send him money. I tried to help him cause I cared for him. ( Luckily , I have no money to send, so that wasn't a worrry for me. ), then the story got better and better. He had to sleep on the site on the floor. No mosquito net....and you know what? He came down with malaria. He needed money for the hospital. He was IM'ing me using the doctors computer in the hospital. So he said...what doctor do you know allows a patient to use his computer?? Some things just didn't add up. What business man travels without a Master Card or VISA or American Express?? None that I know of. Last word received was he was back in the hospital having a relapse of malaria and needed money.
    My thoughts are : if they are asking you for money and they havent' met you yet..their circle of friends and family must be so small...would you want to get into that for real?? Be their ONLY friend??
    Just be supportive of your friend/ relative. It's shocking to think that you've been scammed. It takes time to get over.
    Good luck.
    PS. IS his name Ron Thorsen? claiming to be from Colorado? and in Lagos Nigeria??
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    Dear Worried,
    She met him on and so much of what you have said sounds like the same man. When I started telling her not to send him any money she quite talking to me about him. She had a picture of him in her livingroom for a while. He was stand beside a car. I found out by accident that she has withdrawn everything she has and I know it must be to send to him. She is so mad at me she will not answer the phone when I call. When I sent her a link to this site she told me not to send her anything else. My husband and I are so worried about her, but don't know what to do.
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    I think it may be the same man. I met him on also. He was wearing a shirt and tie and black pants and one photo was him beside a car ( Jaguar?? Not sure) that was parked in a circular driveway. The other picture was him near a computer and the other photo was him standing on a white porch. All photos had him in a shirt and tie...the thing's probably not even the man in the photo...they can steal these photos and use them without anyone's knowledge. That person in the photo is a victim also.
    You have done all you can to help your friend...when she uses all her resources and has nothing to show from it..then that's a hard lesson to learn. Some people must experience it, unfortunately. I am lucky...I just deleted him from my IM Yahoo account...
    Take care and know you have done all you could have.
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    Why don't you guys petition to issue a warning to all their subscribers that scammers operate on their site?

    If enough people write to them and complain they must act.

    It could save a lot of heartbreak and lost money for some people.
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    I am quietly living here in a country but not my homecountry. When a coinsidence happened that many guys suddenly became interested in me. Unexpected because I am not pretty though. I have accepted 3 of them, 2 for friendship and 1 for business realations. Chatting with them, i came to know that they are working in Nigeria. I have thought already of the possiblity of scams, but as many says so, they send you notes which you really thinks they are sincere and even the picture were convincing. Too bad for the real person in the pictures, because they were being exploited. one month of chatting, i must admit i had fallen in love with the 1st guy, and he too have said that he can't live with out me. 2 guys told me that they lost their wife in a car accident and the other in an aircraft mishap. The first guy's story is about the draft he received from his contract and now he wants to leave Nigeria because of the current situation in Delta Region. He ask me to send him money for ticket and he will pay me back once we met. So I told myself, THIS IS IT! Istop the communication at once. This 3rd guy, we have only exchange words 3 times and he was already telling about an inheritance that he want to bring out of his country but his country won't allow. The 2nd guy, which is up to this writing, we only talk as friends. But he is also telling that he is preassured to finish his work and the amount he will get is substantial. After this 2 guys, I already have the feeling that this 2nd guy will also tell me the same story. So guy and lasies out there, just be very careful and be aware of these on going scams.
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    I met a man on just a few weeks ago, asking that I write to him directly to him his acct. at was ending. He was asking for money to help with shipping his newly bought vehicles to bring to the USA to start a new business and that he would give me a car or double my money. His father died before he was born, mother died 3 days after he was born, wife cheated on him and died, leaving him a 20 yr old son named Richard. Grandmother who raised him died in 2007. This man goes by the name of Michael W. Smith, real common name. He asked that I mail him money to Ryan Chapell at 20 Aleen Ave. Lagos, 23401 Nigeria. Saying this was the Customs office. I checked online and that wasn't the real address of the Nigeria Customs Service. His email address is [email protected] Ladies please be aware. He told me that he loved me after the 5th or 6th conversation. He gave me his cell number, but I could never get through, not a working number it would report. I don't feel foolish since I didn't send him money but thought about doing so several times. There are people like you reporting this kind of thing here to warn us of jerks like him. I'm being kind with my adjectives.
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    I'm blown away by what I'm reading. I didn't know that there was any woman in the whole wide world who didn't know to run a million miles from a man who mentions the word "Nigeria" in an approach from a dating site.

    Nigerian SCAM emails have been doing the rounds for umpteen dozen years. As SCAM blockers got better, and fewer could reach your real inbox, these people (and there are thousands of them) started using dating sites to make contact with lonely, vulnerable people. Our major New Zealand dating site has few men trying it on, but lots of lovely women from Russia vying for men's attention.

    A genuine man/woman really looking for love will not ever, ever, ever try and coerce money out of you for any reason at all. At the minor end of the scale is "please top up my pre~paid mobile/cell phone so I can call you", to requests for thousands of dollars.... but many are merely of the "I want to meet you, but can you please send me the air~fare?" type.

    If you are still chatting to any person claiming one of these sob~stories, please go and talk to a counsellor, (if you really feel you're grieving) and the police, (if in doubt, so they CAN convince you of the futility).

    AND, as someone else has suggested.... complain over and over again, long and loudly to ANY dating web~site administrators who will not take action to prevent scammers having access to their services. They can put safe~guards in place. Use their public forums to raise this topic over and over again, if they refuse to act responsibly.

    BEtter still.... only join dating web~site that do have a safety policy of instantly blocking anyone that acts suspiciously, and always, always complain if you get any similar approach again. You might be wary, but some other poor woman may be as innocent and naieve as you've all been.
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