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Money scams from Nigeria: beware!



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    I am sorry, I forgot to mentioned, his other name is Scott Jackson, Paul Scott Jackson or Scott Paul Jackson.
    E-mails: [email protected] [email protected] without the k.
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    I think meet Paul Jackson and was at the hospital with Malaria and was there for 2 months. I think this is the guy we are all involved with. We should report it.
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    Hello everyone,

    I just spotted another scammer on He has two different accounts but the same picture. He claims to live in Birmingham, AL on both accounts. He says his father was American who died and his mother is West African and that this his father's death, his mother moved back to African and he still lives in Birmingham. You can do a search on Match and see for yourself....jamesmac4luv and SmilePar.....these are the two accounts that I found him under..please be on the lookout. It' obvious he stole this man's photos.
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    It's true. Someone called Boyce Hamilton ... his mother is living in his house in England... he is a football manager... but in this case he is coming to Spain, uffff... I see this web, so thank you very much I've deleted him of my msn contacts before he can fool me. If you don't know

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    Hello Spain,

    Do you have pictures of the guy who is coming to Spain. I do have a photo of a handsome guy with blue t-shirt and other in a beach chair resting and a blue hat. I just need to connect dots and find this bastard.
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    Chalk up another one to the con. Mine was Raymond Ragi Brand ([email protected]). Mother was British, father from India. Grew up with uncle in Jamaica. Wife and son killed in car accident. Left with a daughter, Sandra. When he contacted me, he was in Oregon (Civil Engineer), but then all of a sudden he was "back home" in Newcastle, England as his daughter was sick. Wanted to move to YahooIM almost immediately. Lovely IMs and copy/pasted poems, which I called him out on. He said he just didn't have the words on his own to express his love for me...blah, blah, blah. He is completely in love with me after on 3-4 days, wants to move here and be with me forever. He will buy us a nice house to live in and I can quit my job as he will take care of me. After a couple of weeks of very nice emails, with at times really bad sentance structure and grammar, he has won a contract for, you guessed it, Lagos Nigeria. He and Sandra were on a plane to Africa less than a week later. So, he gets stopped at customs and they confiscate the money that he has brought in to start up the "project". The lodging that customs obtains for him until this issue is resolved (10-14 business days) is unacceptable, so he uses the 500L that Sandra has brought with her to get a nice hotel for them. That money quickly runs out and he asks me to send him what ever I can via Western Union. I told him I could probably swing $50 to which he says that would be wonderful, but $500 would be better. He knows I'm a single mom and money is tight as in emails over the last month he has very skillfully drawn out information from me. When I told my daughter about him, she scream SCAM right away. How is it that our kids are so smart when we can be so gullible?? From when we started emailing through Yahoo, I have saved all emails and I have saved all Yahoo IM chats from 06/03/10 to present. His profile was cancelled almost immediately, but there only 2 pictures of him on that. One, that he uses for his YahooIM and another one of him in a field of tulips. The picture is of a nice looking white guy, sandy blonde hair, goatee, wearing a green t-shirt with his head tilted slightly to the left. I have the picture, but don't know how to add it here. I have known for quite some time that this guy is a scammer and not who he claims to be, but I have been easing my boredom and playing along. I'm cutting him off though as after reading page upon page of posts here, I just don't feel safe with any further contacts with the guy. If this helps just one person out there, I'll be happy!!
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    Oh...and he always signs his emails: Raymond with a Smile
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    I'm so glad I found this site! I did a search to find info. on scammers. I've had the experience of talking with several of them from the singles sites.

    The most recent one is from and is from Dover, DE. Claims to be Greg Churchill Harrison [email protected] He is 44, 5' 9", athletic, dark blond, blue eyes, mother is from Portugal father is white. Has a horse and a German Shep. Dog. Said his wife passed away from cancer over five years ago. He had three good pictures. Claims to have come into a lot of money from his mother's passing. Interesting how he talked about being wealthy shortly after we met. (If a person has money, that's the last thing you'd think they would disclose.) We hit it off great in the beginning. I even pulled a background check for him and came up with nothing. I take people for their word until proven otherwise. Up until they ask for money, that's when I write them off!

    Red Flags-He never answered his phone when I called. Sent me the exact same copy of a poem of All the Things I Want to do With You-line for line, even the one section that didn't sound quite right.

    Read about the time differences and he did have the time difference down right between where I live and DE. This story of being stuck in Africa-Major Red Flag!

    He then went on to tell me that he was traveling to South Africa to tour orphanages and bring them food and help. He was using 25% of his inheritance to do this to help those who needed it the most. Okay-thought that was a wonderful thing to do. I do know people who actually do that in real life.

    Claimed to hire a man to translate for him/driver/etc. He flew to several countries in Africa to tour different orphanages. Then when he got to Nigeria (go figure) he was on his way to the airport to purchase a ticket to come back home to Dover, DE and he was robbed. His driver was shot, put into the hospital. He said all of his money, diary and his briefcase was stolen, but yet he still had his passport. His driver, Mr. Kingsley, was shot while trying to recover his passport for him in the incident. He didn't have any of his information with him to contact his banks, etc.

    He said he was stuck there and needed my help financially to get home. Ugh! No, nope, no way in He**. That's when I threw my hands up in the air and gave up. Up until this point, I thought he might be real. Oh, I did tell him that if he asked for money, it was a deal breaker. He told me several times that he was different from other men and he got very insulted when I told him I had my doubts. The last chat we had on yahoo messenger, he said he'll "f-ing" prove it when he gets back home that he's not a scammer and was so very insulted that I would honestly think of him this way.

    Common sense has it, if you do travel that far, usually a person already has round trip tickets. Sent him to the US Embassy for help. He claimed that he was denied access.

    Who knows-I always wish anyone well and hope they learn their lessons while on their journey in this life. I still believe miracles can happen and that true love still can be found, even on-line. Fun e-mance up until the point of asking for money.
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    Well I guess I'm the latest mark....... I have been reading these posts off and on all day. I too have a similar story. I did not send the money but I was close. The man I was talking to said his name was Daley Chris Aires, email [email protected] He was born and raised mostly in England til his parents divorced and he moved to Texas to live with his father. He has a 5 year old daughter named Kimi and lost his wife 3 years ago during child birth of their second child who also died. His daughter now lives with his mother in France because he has been traveling so much for work. He of course said he was working in Nigeria on a project and would be home in 2-3 weeks and he was going to move here to be with me and we were going to start our lives together and get his daughter so we could raise her, together. His pictures were very good a couple looked modelish but there were some that looked like he could be a real person. He even had a pic of him with his daughter. This morning he tells me he was robbed last night and they stole all his money and wallet. He has no money for food or to pay "his workers" and doesn't know what to do and can I help him out? I asked if he called his mother and he said no he only corresponds with her by email and she hasn't emailed him back yet.(hmm red flag...) Plus he has no money to make any phone calls. Then I asked if he tried to contact any of his friends and he said he doesn't have any plus the only people he trusts are God, me, his mother and daughter.(another red flag..) I argued with myself for a while about it and was close to giving in but I told him I'm sorry, no. He has contacted me a couple more times today to keep me updated on the situation (that he still needs my help) and I keep telling him no. Now I'm just waiting for him to tell me he's sick or hurt or some other crap.

    It all sounds so obvious that it was a scam, when I go over it in my head, but I was really falling for it. I always had a feeling in the back of my mind though that something wasn't right, and I told him several times that it was all to good to be true.

    There are so many signs I missed and wish I had caught on sooner:
    1. His language skills and sentence structure would change from one day to the next.
    2. I met him on MySpace and his profile was only 20 hours old (but he was new to this online dating and he just loved what he saw so he was compelled to email me) blah blah blah
    3. He told me he was in love with me within a week of us originally talking
    4. He begged me to cancel my accounts on the singles sites I was on. (hmm was he afraid I would come across his pic under another name?)
    5. so many others I don't have the energy to think of anymore

    All I can say is I'm glad I found this site and that I'm not the only idiot who fell for these peoples lies. Just trust in your gut feelings, if it feels to good to be true, it probably is. DO NOT EVER send money to someone you haven't even met in person.
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    To Good To Be True,
    Yeah, you didn't give in to the scammer. Way to go, girl. I am the original person who posted questions about my internet dating guy a while ago. I am so glad I asked the questions. If not for this site, many women and men would be out a life's savings or retirement money. Glad that this site helped you and many others see it for what it is: a scam.
    When I first started internet dating I took it as everyone on the sites are honest and forthright. Unfortunately, not so. The opposite is true. I have found more scammers than real people. I just hope others find this site prior to becoming a victim of scammers.
    I am happy you didn't lose any money. Take care and remember there are nice people out there, just be watchful and careful and use the delete button as needed. Take care and be safe.
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    Hi - we are closing this discussion. Hopefully potential victims to these scams have got the story - if its too good to be true, it probably is. Start a new discussion if you have further questions.
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