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Do we need visas for cruise stopovers?

We are going on a cruise and unsure of visas that we might require, we start in Dubai, then Oman, Cochin, Goa, Mumbai (India) then back to Dubai, we have had no support from Royal Caribbean. Hope you have the answers


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    Visas are normally arranged by the cruise staff prior to arrival in port. They make an announcement and then you hand your documents to them and they arrange everything prior to disembarkation.
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    Thank you for your anwser, I also thought that the company would sort it out, but I went on the royal carribean website and it appears from that we have to sort it out
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    You have to arrange your own visas for India, we are cruising Hong Kong to Mumbai in Feb and have applied for our visas.
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    We are doing the same cruise and have applied for Indian Visas but still worry about Oman?
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    Can we get a visa to Oman upon arrival when we are only staying for 2-4 days?? Thanks. -Jam
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    The issue of Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers is tricky - which is why we've added a new article to this forum, in the hopes of clearing up some confusion. Hope it helps!
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    Do i need visa if i go by flight to muscat for one week holiday?
  • @ davidc: I have a Pakistani passport and living in Pakistan. I am planning to take a cruise in UAE which also includes 2 stops in Oman. I have already arranged multiple visa for UAE. Can you please advice about Oman. Can we get it on arrival and can we stay on ship in don't have visa for Oman - Thanks - Aamir
  • Unfortunately Pakistani citizens are required to apply for a visa to enter Oman before they travel. Oman does not provide visas on arrival for Pakistani citizens . It would be a shame to miss out Oman you have a UAE visa so the Omani authorities should issue you with a visa without a problem. 
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