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Travel Scams

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Hi everybody,

I'm writing an article on travel scams for the WT Blog and I need your input. Have you ever been scammed while on holiday? What do you think are the most dangerous ones? Thanks for your help!


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    I received in the mail an offer for a 8 day cruise for 2 from World wide travel. All this for attending a 90 minute pitch for ? They say its not a time
    share or land offer.Has anybody gone too this deal and actually gone on a cruise? Whats the catch? Sounds Suspicious
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    Hey Anya.
    That sounds really informative as I am planning to go on holidays to U.K this Summer.
    I really appreciate your help!

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    @suspicious That does sound a bit suspicious. One thing you can do is try to verify that the agency has an IATA number... that usually indicates that they're legitimate.

    Here is the article with some of the scams we found. Has anyone experienced any of these?
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    Just check out these guys: They have all the info you need. Alternatively, go to LonelyPlanet Thorn Tree forum - there are plenty of scam stories too.
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    URGENT - Is there anyone in EGYPT or any other part of the world (Except South Africa) that has been "scammed" by Ahmed Talaat of ATL Tours or Elite Tours? Ahmed Talaat Mohamed Abdelmaksoud has been arrested in Johannesburg, South Africa on 8 January 2014 and is being held in Police custody and is in the process of applying for bail. He is being charged with Fraud and Theft amounting to over ZAR1Million. Please get hold of me urgently. Andre van Wyk Senior Investigator Forensic Data Solutions (FDS) Tracing - Background Checks (Individual/ Company) Investigations - Criminal & Financial. 
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