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Spanish lessons and language schools in Spain

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Can anyone tell give me more information about language schools in Spain. Is Spain a good country for someone to travel to if they want to learn Spanish? Where are the main Spanish language learning centres and cities in Spain? Is it better to book a place in a language school before arriving in Spain or can one get to a city, find a language school and enroll in classes once you're there? Does anyone have advice about language schools in Spain?


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    I would recommend studying Spanish in Salamanca. I have studied in many cities in Spain, including Salamanca, and they definitely Speak the purest Spanish there. I studied at a school called Tia Tula. It is a small school, which is good because u get a lot of attention there. It was also by far the cheapest that I have found in Spain. It is right in the middle of anything that you would want to do, which is perfect. They have a website and if you email them they are pretty good with responding pretty fast. Let me know if you need any more information and good luck!
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    I also studied in Tia Tula and I really loved it. Next to the qualified teachers and the nice intensive courses, they also offer accommodation and nice activities which give you the chance to meet native speakers and to practise your Spanish the best you can. And as Dunk16 mentionned allready, the prices are really competitive! If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to comment on my post and I'll try to help you!
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    My girlfriend studied at Olé Languages last year and she was very happy with the teachers and the whole atmosphere. The prices are cheap so It is a good option.
    Surprisingly the cheapest schools in Spain are in Barcelona. 
  • I can highly recommend to study Spanish in
    Alicante. It is a very nice city on the coast. There are no dialects. I have
    studied in Elcano Spanish school.
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