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Passport for Italy

edited January 2011 in Visa and Passport
I have an American passport in no immediate danger of expiring, however I've just been in Italy for just short of the 90 days a passport is supposed to allow you. I'm hoping to return on the 20th of January, but I've heard that it takes another 90 days before your passport gives you time in the country. Is this true/is it enforced? Will I now need a VISA to enter into the country?


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    Salute : Piaccere, if anyone can assist. I have a I am an American Citizen, living in America but in and of a Foreign Jurisdiction with respect to the United States having Friendly Foreign Intellectual Property Trade Relations with the same. As such I have a Passport issued from the World service Authority as well as a Passport from the above Foreign Jurisdiction in America known as the Talismanic Kingdom of Atmaurium, both of which have been duly recognized by the British Empire, having traveled there in this past summer, bearing aa Visa Stamp inside of the same. I also have accompanying documentary evidence bearing signature and Official Executive Seal from the Department of State's Secretary of State Authenticating my Status. Given all of the above, should I have any problems entering the Country of Italy as any other American Citizen subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States ?. I make the clear and lawful distinction, for the simple reason that most everyone assumes that when you say America that means the United States or vice y versa, however there are many Jurisdictions, Countries etc within the landmass known as America which of course includes Atmaurium. Can you help ?.
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