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Internship in Malaysia

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I'm a Dutch citizen, and I want to do my internship in malaysia, can I apply for this after I arrive in Malaysia? I dont really have enough time to wait in my country, so I plan to go on a single entry visa, and then go to imigration in Malaysia, to get approval for a pass , so i can do my unpaid internship for 5 months....
Is this possible?


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    Peter: Where will you apply for internship once you reach there? Is there a Dutch company offering unpaid internship? What pass will you apply?
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    i was living in malaysia almost 4years since
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    some more becare full abt stupid black guys they come from africa to just cheat some new people whom dont kno abt them scams just becare full dear anything u need any kind of information i can help u
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    @ Peter: did that work? can I go to Malayia as a tourist and then apply for the visa necessary for the internship?
    Please tell me as soon as possible... can't wait too..because my flight is already booked.
    thank you
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    We are a group of young people traveling to Israel for a christian program and want visa assistance.We don't have Israel embassy in Ghana and we are about 10 and have to get a tour company to get us visas on arrival.

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    hi I m a Indian citizen ,i wanna do my internship in marketing as i m a business management can anybody help me to get an will be good if i get an paid internship ,i wanna do for two months .....december to january .....plz guide ........
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