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Jordan in February

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Going to Jordan in February and wondering about the weather--how cool? Also considering clothing--I know to be conservative. Can a woman reply as to weather--would a long skirt with leggings underneath be warm enough for being out sightseeing all day?
About expenses, what are the costs of items like a restaurant lunch/dinner, a beer, a glass of wine, a soft drink, postcard, other small souvenirs. Thanks so much for any help!


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    hello and welcome to Jordan ;) about the weather in February its cold we need to bring a warm clothes, if you want to visit Dead Sea or Aqaba bring a summer clothes coz the weather is warm and good.
    for the skirt for a out sightseeing i don't prefer coz its cold.
    about expenses it depends what restaurant you want to dine in there are plenty of diifer restaurant in all places.
    for italian or chineese restuarant classy with wine around 20JOd per person but you will have a good meal.
    there are alot of fast food so it depends about your budget, in Jordan you will find your taste.

    you will enjoy ur trip in Jordan
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    how safe it is to go there? im female from jeddah and working here as a nurse, if im planning to go to jordan as i wanted to see the city of petra and the dead sea, what would be the requirements for me to obtain a visa.
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    it is cold now but still ok to travel
    As a woman it is better to wear a trouser or a long sleeve
    it is a Muslim country do not forget that
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    Jordan is a very safe country with very warm and hospitable people. For the visa, most nationalities can receive it upon arrival at the airport and it costs (around $30). However, certain nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained prior to travel. I suggest that you visit the website "Visit Jordan" for additional information regarding the visa and attractions in Jordan.
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