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Dubai cruise visa for South African

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Hi, we are South African passport holders living in the UK, we have a Dubai cruise in March and I know we need a visa. Virgin Cruises through whom we booked and Royal Caribbean the cruise operator advise that they do not assist in getting visas. The UAE website states we need a sponsor (who should apply on your behalf) to get a visa. Is having our cruise documents enough to do it on our own? Has anyone else experienced this? We are struggling to get hold of the UAE consulate as there is only an automated response. Please help, I do not want to loose all the money we paid for this cruise. Thank you Adel


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    I am in the same position with Princess. According to the information I am getting is that the cruise line should notify their port agent to ensure that they sponsor you - BUT the situation is still fluid. Princess has told me that I can absolutely sail with them, but if I don't have a visa I must stay on the ship for the port day. Which is OK with me. Hope this helps. My advice - make sure you contact your cruise line before sailing.
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    Adel - you will need a visa and your cruise documents and onward passenge proof will be sufficient. You will need to go to the UAE consulate to drop your passports off. In SA the process takes a few days, in UK it might be quicker. Let us know how you get along please!
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    Hi All - Thank you for your responses. I finally have a solution. We have contacted the local UAE office for Royal Caribbean, the guy was very friendly and had all the answers (Phone: 971 43 31 42 85, E-mail: [email protected]). He sent us all the contact details we needed. He told us to phone Arabian Adventures (T: + 971 4 303 4771,, they will apply for us and have all the right contacts and details. As we go to Oman in the middle of our cruise we need two entry visas for the UAE. The cost of a visa is $77 per person per visa. The visas are valid to travel within two months and valid for 30 days once you have entered. The visa is electronic, so you have to email your photo. Once in customs you will be on the system and your passport will be stamped. For Oman, the ship will apply on arrival for all on the manifest. Hope this helps! Adel
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    A new article about Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers has recently been added to the forum. Please check it out, it should answer all your questions.
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    I plan to buy Royalcaribbean cruise from Emirates on March 12, 2012. ( I am from Europe and Have European Union passport (Latvia). I know that I need Visa to Emirates, but they are single entrance visas. How many I need them for this cruise? And did I need visa also for Muscat ,Oman ?
    Regards Peteris
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    Hi Peter,
    If you refer to my previous post (Jan 22nd), all the details are there. The best would be to contact Arabian Adventures (T: + 971 4 303 4771,, they will tell you how many UAE entry visas you require. You do need a visa for Muscat, but the ship company will apply for everyone on aboard when you are in port.
    Hope it helps.
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    Peter! I have latvian passport too, planning on leaving the Dubai on a cruise, what did you find out? My airline doesnot want to sponsor me, neither the hotel I am staying nor the cruise, because i am leaving on a cruise not arrivng. What to do? Help!!!
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    hi my wifes got a indian passport flying from the UK 2 dubai 2 board the costa cruise Its been a nightmare 4 us trying 2 sort out visa gulf were the 1ns 2 sort it out cost about £180
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