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Do I need to cancel my Australia holiday?

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Do I need to cancel my Australia holiday because of the floods? I'm scheduled to fly in three weeks and I'm a bit nervous about the trip. I didn't use a travel agent, so I don't really have anyone to advise me. I was going to go to Perth and Sydney, but spend most of my time in the Brisbane area (ironically!) What should I do?


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    Hi! Don't cancel your trip! I would advise not travelling to Brisbane anymore - the area's likely to be in a bit of a mess for some time. However, Sydney and Melbourne will be fine. If you're visiting Perth, at this time of year the Busselton/Dunsborough/Margaret River region south of Perth is wonderful to spend a bit of time in - plenty of beaches, wineries and gourmet food places. Hire a car or book a tour and go experience something other than a city!
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    Brisbane airport is fine and the vast majority of the city (including tourist attractions) wasn't affected. I'd still recommend coming to Brisbane.
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    Hi, please help me, I need your advise, I do have plane for training program in Brisbane for 3months starting from may 2011 and another 3 month in site s hour far from Brisbane. also, I am wondering about the floods and rains
    please advise me whether to go ahead with my plan or it is better to switch to another country like Uk?
    but I really excited to visit Australia
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    Queensland is back open for Business :) Very few places left that were effected by the floods. Brisbane is back to nearly it's beautiful best and although there are select area's that have been affected most of Queensland hasn't been affected at all. Don't put off visiting as Queensland has so much to offer and is such a beautiful place :) But I am biased I live here lol
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    Brisbane is still exactly the same as prior to the floods and as for excessive rain - it just does not exist. There was widespread damage but since the Australian spirit came into effect, everything was quickly cleaned up. There are still houses and businesses with damage as insurance companies have refused to pay some claims however "Guest" from 26 Jan obviously has not done any research. There is no reason to not visit brisbane. Homes were damaged, businesses were damaged but the scale of devistation is nothing compared to hurricanes etc in America, the earthquake of New Zealand or Japan or the cyclones in Cairns.

    It is 100% safe to travel to Brisbane, you will not get stuck here or be in any danger. The flooding was a 1 in 35 year event which was caused due to poor management of the Dam system.
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    You can travel to Brisbane without any trouble as it not affected by floods. If there is any danger due to floods the that is in the low lying areas but that too is controlled by Australian disaster team by opting for w4 strategy. But do keep check on weather before traveling as if there is heavy rainfall then avoid traveling.
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