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Entry to Thailand - out of date passport

edited January 2011 in Visa and Passport
my wife is thai , she has a 2 year visa, her passport runs out in march this year , we intend to get new passport when out in thailand ,we travel 5 february will they let her on plane as passport runs out,


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    John, if your wife is Thai and travelling with a Thai passport and you're travelling back to Thailand then she will be allowed on the plane as she's a Thai citizen. However, problems may arise when she gets a new passport in Thailand - if her visa is in her current passport then you may want to check weather the visa will be transferred to a new passport.
    I would suggest you contact both the Thai embassy in whichever country you're in and your country's home office or home affairs department too.
    Have a look at the Wordtravels Thailand guide and maybe consider contacting your embassy in Thailand too as they might also be able to offer you some advice.
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    She will be returning to Thailand, so yes they should allow her to board. Mention that she will renew her passport in Thailand.

    The visa will be alright as her new passport will be stamped with a line that she holds a valid visa on previous passport xxxxxx. Likely Thai immigration will stapled the two passports - she should present both passports at point of entry.
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