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How hard is it to immigrate to Sweeden as a non-EU citizen?

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I really like Sweden, and even speak the language fairly well, but I have no European passport. My qualifications would put me somewhere among the more useful applicants, and I've proven time and again during my years in Canada that I can handle a windscreen ice scraper.Has anyone here has managed to gain resident status in Sweden in a similar position? And if you live in Sweden, can you recommend it?


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    Caligirl! You are cabadian you would have no problems with immigrating.
    You need work 4 years and then you can appy for permanent residence permit. If you speak swedesh you wouldnt have any problems. Moreover, if you come there as immigrant you can take this course of swedesh which will be payd by goverment and you can stay not working there till you pass exam and then i think you would be fine!

    Scandinavia needs people!There are lots of foreigners here!
    I would recommend you to watch some websites where people give their experience.
    I basically wrote you what i know about Finland, coz i live here. But i am sure sweden has the same!
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    Check out our expat guide to Sweden here, including a section of working and visas. Good luck!
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