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Lloret de Mar over Easter

edited January 2011 in - Spain and Portugal
We are thinking of going to Lloret de Mar around 23 April 2011. Will all the shops and bars be open then?


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    I hope they are cos we are going then also, we are staying at the H Top Alexis Hotel.
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    Vi skal dit 25. mars. H
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    Hiya me and my other half are planning on going on the 23rd April. We also want to know if things are open then, we want to relax but really want to party to, we are planning on staying at the Alexis aswell. Is anyone going to tell us if everywhere is open. PLEASE
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    Just about everything in Lloret well be open for the Easter holidays!
    I run the Lloret de Mar Stuff website.... and you can get a good idea of bars, restaurants etc on the pages there along with maps to show you exactly where they are.
    The Alexis hotel is not in the 'nightlife' part of town you have quite a walk to the other side of town for the clubs and pubs. The best way to find them is to just walk down the hill from your hotel turn right at the bottom and walk along to the other end of the beach. The L2 bus outside the Alexis is a circular so you could always jump on there and take a trip round to get your bearings. Hope you enjoy your stay!.....Jackie
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    Ten ladies are going on 11th April staying at Hotel Castel Royal.. will everything be open water park bar etc.. Is anyone else going then
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    just wondering how busy is it likely to be on easter weekend,apr 6-10 ? thanks
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