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Spanish need Visa for Turkey?

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Please can you tell if Spanish nationality needs to have visa before entering Turkey


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    I am interested in seeing Turkey. I think it is a beautiful place for all the pictures that I saw. All I want to is if I need visa in going there. By the way, I am Spanish
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    at the moment the visa sitution seems to be constantly changing. The Turkish consulate website has the details but often isn't so quickly updated when there is a change.

    At the moment I beleive the Spanish nationals can buy a 90 day multiple entry tourist visa at the point of entry to Turkey i.e. your arrival airport. The cost is 15 Euro and you need this is cash!
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    hi ,im iranian passport holder whom live in uk i would like to visit the turky for period of 7 days ,in webside of turkish consulate they have been said the iranian pasport does not required any visa to enter turky for period of 90 dayes but they have been ask to have certain money with me (100 $)per day ,is that means if i want to stay for 7 days i need (700$) with me and i will recive visa in entery is any body can help me please
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    Hi, I am Turkish. And i can say that Spanish people don't need to take visa before coming to Turkey. You can take visa at the border. If you need some help I can help you. Also I can speak Spanish :) I was erasmus student in Spain :))
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    Hi BERA;

    If you have Iranian passport you don't need to take visa. That money is for guarentee that you will leave Turkey after 7 days :)) but nobody will ask you that money. enjoy your trip :)

  • To Mr. Klakson...,

    well, I was at the Istanbul airport getting on my transfer flight....when due to a rare mistake of my Travel agency (from France) I found myself searching for a Hotel to spend almost 24 hours in that marvelous town.
    As I naively went towards the 'passport' control..., glub! a much arrogant officer redirected me to a Visa fees payment section..
    Using a Spanish passport, so to say an European one, seems to contradict what my agency indicated me about the fact that 'Europeans' need not a Visa to enter in Turkey.
    So I was required to pay like 25 euros in cash that of course refused, going to the nearby Atm to have local currency!!!
    The whole matter was quite unfair and to say the truth it created a bad impression; the arrogance of that 'officer' being quite a bad note.
    Why these services do not select more educated employees? In Europe such a behavior would invite his immediate sanction.
    If perhaps you have some suggestion about this messy Visa system (hope one day it will be annulled in all countries, or at lest substituted by more practical methods...)
    Most welcome ...
  • klakson's post indicated that you can obtain a visa at the border, which you did. A fee is normal for this. I agree that it's odd that they wouldn't accept Euros, and I'm sorry that your travel agent gave you incorrect advice, but it doesn't sound like you were greatly inconvenienced.
  • All nationalities ( except those citizens who are required to apply at a Turkish Embassy for a visa) need to pay for a visa to enter Turkey. Before the introduction of E visas in April 2014 the cost of a visa granted upon arrival at a Turkish airport was payable as follows £10 or $20 or Euro 15. NEVER payable in local currency . These fees are still payable, as Turkey has extended the transition period for the E visa to come into place.

    I have waited for hours in line at Turkish airports particularly Istanbul which is the worst in my opinion, the whole idea of the E visa was to speed things up. E visas cost $20.

    Border officials in any country are noted for being unfriendly, not just Turkey, it is the nature of their job.
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