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Zakynthos island

edited January 2011 in - Greece and Cyprus
I am interested to go with my husband for a holiday in Zante in August 2011. HAs any one visited the island and would like to share some views about this island please? We are after the beaches so if anyone can guide me to the most beuatiful beaches.....
If there is an island not Zante where there are more beautiful beaches.... I will consider everything. I am still searching to see whats best.
Appreciate any feedback from everyone.
Thanks in advance,



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    Hi annalisa,

    i don't know if you can find better beaches to other island but I'm sure you must visit Zante Island one in your lifetime. I have been there 3 times and it was great. Depending what you like and want you can find sandy (gerakas, kalamaki, vassilikos etc) and rocky beaches (makris gyalos, limionas and others). The island is quiet in many places but crowdy and noaisy at laganas. You can have everything you want.

    I have visited many sites about Zante but the only one with huge info and photos about places is gozakynthos.
    They have live cameras to check weather and most important places. Very nice places to stay and eat.

    For photos go here and Live here
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    Hi Suzzane,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. That site is really detailed and full of info. May I asked you where you stayed pls? As I am seeing Volimes and Vassilikos really nice. I cant really decide as each part has its own beauty....
    Thanks for your help.
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    hi suzzane i live in alykes in zante where we have a great beach it a nice quite place. and everyone is so freindly there are lots of places to stay.and great places eat and drink the beach as also as a web cam so u can see for yourself hope this helps and where ever u go have a great time
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    hello...i've been in zakynthos 2 times,and now is our is awesome,best beaches i've seen...and i've been in many places.because i like to travel.
    grate food,grate ppl..clean water,clean's all you need for a relaxing holliday...

    you should try it....
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